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MIles for August 7-13


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Thank you Momo for making this post. This is the first time I have had a chance to get in here to post. :)


We have been busy canning and today I am able to come in here for a few. We went to a couple Amish farms on Saturday and so Saturday afternoon/evening I canned 19 pints of green beans, Monday I canned 7 pints of Bread and Butter Pickles, and 14 pints of Oven Dill Pickles. In the evening we froze corn, we started out with a bushel but had eaten some for supper so froze what was left. Tuesday I canned 4 Quarts of Oven Dill Pickles, then we went to Pizza Hut for our lunch with others from church. In the evening we froze another bushel of corn. So have really been busy. :) Today I have a bunch of beets to take care of, I am in hopes to get some pickles made and can the rest so I can use them as I want to.


As for miles, last week I got 29.28 according to my fit bit.


HUGS6-1.jpg psycoturtle.gif

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You still amaze me Snowmom. You do so much and walk so far. That's a lot of canning.


According to my phone, 14.23 miles. Double what I have been doing, hopefully I can keep it up. One day I was able to do 4 miles, but the next day, I barely got .21 miles for the whole day. :imoksmiley:


Momo, gout sucks. I hope it goes away, and stays away... :hug3:

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