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Miles for February 19 - 25, 2017

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I have been so not into doing much at all on line these past few weeks. So will just give you my miles again today.

According to my fit bit, I walked 20.94 miles for the week. We weren't on the road so much this week.

We are home again this week except for what we want to do. No doctor appointments, Old Pine has an appointment on Thursday with the dietitian to check his sugars. I may get my hair cut too, but, not sure. :)

So you all
haveanicedaywithheart.gif HUGS%20CANDY%20BOX_zps35zhurht.gif

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:hug3: Snowmom. you are still doing really well. :pray: for you both. I remember the treatments for my Papa and my MIL. With MIL, I went to almost every single appointment. For me, it was a very emotionally straining experience. Now that she is cancer free, I am extremely relieved.


I have not been keeping track or carrying my phone with me as much as I should. I can only guess how many miles I walked. Average per day, maybe 1, IDK, probably 7 to 10 miles for the whole week.

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