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Not sure if we had the flu or just a cold turned bronchitis, but it's lasted nearly 5 weeks! It's the coughing fits that continue. We did find a wonderful helper for the coughing...and really got us over the hump! It's Mullein Leaf and we make a tea. The recipe I've been using: Two small cups of water (I use my microwave coffee pot) with 3 slivers of fresh ginger diced up into small pieces...bring it to a boil, and boil for one minute. Then 2 teaspoons of Mullein Leave, I just put it in my coffee pot strainer and perk it...otherwise use a tea ball. Let it perk for one minute and then steep for about 5 minutes to cool down a bit. Then in each cup I put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey (you may like it sweeter) and then using a very fine mesh strainer, I pour the tea mixture into each cup.

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I love mullein - one of my favorite weeds.  Leaves as tea are for lung issues; smoked for asthma, flowers in olive oil for ear ache...easy to identify and use.  What's not to love?

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Mullein......hmmm. Forgot about that.


I've had mild bronchial congestion for months. [iffen I'm going to get anything, bronchial has always been my weak point!]   I use a certain frequency massager to 'pound gently' the area over bronchial tubes and down each side of body too...reverberates into lung/bronch areas.  That has helped but I can tell I'm just not clear. My usually low voice has been 'in the basement'.   Have taken the usual herbs from DH....and some more specific things.  It clears and comes back and doesn't clear.  Hmph!  All low grade stuff and likely related to the odd, mild 'bug' we both experienced this late winter.


This is so strange cuz we never get sick.  The first line of defense in herbs always wards things off before they get started.  But once in mebbe 3-4 yrs....something does get thru so I suppose this is it. 


I think I'm going to mention this to the MD.  I have to see one for some "Are you still disabled" paperwork anyway.  Maybe they should take a look.  But I know where in the forest I can go get plenty of mullein. 


MtRider  ....thanks for reminder, WE2.  :thumbs:

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