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I love my crockpot and I use it often.  I kept seeing things for the Insta Pot (electric pressure cooker) everywhere and DH heard me say something and got me one.  I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm a bit scared of it LOL.  I tried to make chicken in it, but it did not cook all the way through.  Does anyone have any good recipes or tips for it?  If it makes any difference, the one he got me is a 6QT Instant Pot.  


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How sweet that your DH will buy you something "just because" you were interested in it.  He loves you a lot.  

From what I can see an Insta Pot is same as my old pressure cooker except electric and has fewer pressure settings.  6 qt is nice size.  

Without more info I cant figure out what the glitch was....did you follow a recipe for the pot or were you feeling your way along?   If you put cold or frozen chicken in the pot without allowing extra time for thawing....If you had larger pieces of chicken than the recipe called for....those are just two possible factors.  What brand is it?  Some manufacturers are extremely proprietary (selfish) in their recipes and only give those out for "their" pot (so they can sell you a cookbook).

What is the pressure of your pot (PSI) - that also affects recipes since cooking at 15 psi would take less time than cooking at say, 11 psi.  More info?

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Its the actual Instant Pot brand.  I used fully thawed boneless chicken breasts from the fridge (*1.5lb) and followed the recipe in the booklet but....all did not go well.  I have an old manual small pressure cooker for the stove top, but I usually only cook beans in it very rarely.  Most of the Insta pot recipes I find online have a thousand steps with adding things at specific times.  I guess I was hoping for something more like my crockpot where I could just put things in it and set it rather than fuss with it every 5 minutes for half an hour.


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Go to twosleevers.com  I have never had a bad recipe from Urvashi, and the recipes are simpler than they seem, once you get going.  That said, I buy my spice mixes already mixed, no matter what she says about doing your own.  

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