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Hope for Lyme disease???

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Knowing first hand the horrors of having Lyme disease I had a bunch of questions but I might be the first in line for the human trials. So far the existing treatments have often proved worse than the disease, or were so expensive as to be unobtainable for most people.  Even the natural treatments were complicated and time consuming and none appeared to be long lasting.  (One of the questions I would have) This would be a blessing to so many.  Thanks for posting this. 

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Dateline: Nov 24, 2021


Could stevia be a good natural remedy for Lyme disease? Check this out! A new study shows that stevia (the whole leaf) has the potential to kill the pathogen that causes Lyme disease.


Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete (spiral bacteria). You can be infected from a tick bite, but not everyone bitten by a tick will get Lyme disease. People with a lowered immune system are more susceptible to getting Lyme disease from a tick bite. Antibiotics are the primary treatment for Lyme disease. But, antibiotics don’t always work for Lyme disease. 20% of the time, people even develop a resistance to the antibiotic. In some cases, when people come off of antibiotics, they get worse. Some people may have to stay on antibiotics for a long time. This microbe has been around for a very long time and has developed defense mechanisms to survive. If your immune system is healthy, the microbe can go into a dormant state for years. The microbe waits until you get stressed, sick, or just get older, to come out and kick you when you’re down. In an interesting study, stevia showed a significant effect compared to three different antibiotics. Stevia was also able to eliminate the spirochetes and biofilms, whereas the antibiotics increased biofilms. This was not a human study, but it’s very promising.



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Unfortunately the study he talks about was done in 2015 and is quoted by anyone who talks about stevia. The study was a lab study only and has not been studied in real life that I know of.   Dr. Horowitz, a well known Lyme specialist, uses it in his clinic as one of several biofilm busters along with several different expensive antibiotics and other drugs. He hasn’t released any further info on its use other than to say it is not a cure. But then his protocol is by no means the only one out there, most of which are difficult to maintain and even the herbal ones are costly and none have proven to be cures consistently.

I follow the Lyme research pretty closely and so far there is no one thing that can be called a cure.  Chronic Lyme disease, and many other chronic diseases like ME/CFS,  Fibromyalgia, and even the Covid Long Haul, all present with similar symptoms and are gaining some research but funding is sadly lacking. Unfortunately, they are also big money makers in the health industry.  In any study you always have to follow the money trail and in some cases that trail is well hidden.  

Still, the stevia study did offer another weapon in the treatment of Lyme and possibly other diseases.  Since it first came out I’ve been waiting for it to be included in the studies conducted on some of the herbal protocols.  That, in MHO, would be a perfect match.  Perhaps this renewed interest in the stevia study will be the nudge that is needed. 

Thanks for posting it MM. 

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