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The Grasshopper And The Ants


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Great story for children to learn.  And this year has been a very cold winter and more snow on the way. Freezing rain Friday and prediction is 3 to 7 inches of snow. What we had already hasn't all melted yet. it is right now 26*.  For us it has been a long while since we had a winter like this. Can't wait for my wood burning stove to be put in. I am ready to use it. 

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I watched your video, I normally don’t watch any.  

I remember my Grandma and mom telling that story.  Always saying the moral of the story….  :grinning-smiley-044:

“Ants” reminded me of another, whenever we said ‘can’t’, mom would sing it…..



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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

The little Red Hen is a good one too.


You are going to LOVE Patera's reading of the "Little Golden Book: The Little Red Hen." Warning - Make sure you have emptied your bladder before hitting the Start Arrow - especially if having a hearty laugh makes you "pee" a little bit. :lol:



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