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On 4/27/2023 at 3:03 PM, Midnightmom said:

Betcha' can't not "sing" this one!




Somebody wrote a "serious" answer in the post I "stole" this from:

  • The alligator's head is shaped like an "A" and the crockodile's head is shaped like a "C."


But, if you think about it, that only helps you to identify one from the other, but does not answer the question. So, them trying to "show off" failed............... miserably!!! ;)


I "just learned" that you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet! :ashamed0002: I really should have looked this up sooner but it seemed like such an easy and logical way to tell them apart. :sigh:

The "showoff" mentioned in my previous post (quoted above) is absolutely incorrect!



What is the difference between crocodiles and alligators?

  • Alligators are dark colored with a broad, rounded snout and are usually found in fresh water.
  • Crocodiles are grayish-green and prefer coastal, brackish and salt-water habitats. They have a narrow, tapered, triangular snout.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I loved it. I listen to Old Time Radio of Dragnet all the time! I have a little crush on Jack Webb. It's his voice. On Dragnet he is so serious. He also has a good OTR show where he plays a detective and he says some really funny lines with that deadpan voice. It's Pat Novak For Hire. I love Old Time Radio. It plays on my computer most of the time.   


I've fallen for Jack Webb and Dick Powell. It's the voice. Boy can that Dick Powell sing. His show is Richard Diamond and he usually sings a little bit in the shows. Did I mention I love Old Time Radio. LOL.

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Yep. I have the Essential Simon And Garfunkel CD and it is excellent. Especially The Only Living Boy In New York. I just listened to it and the memories of that time came flooding back. Almost made me cry. I love that song but the ending is too long for me. That's why I like to make my own CD's. I can cut things out and then fade them out at the end. I'm pretty rusty at it now though. I also love The Boxer and So long, Frank Lloyd Wright. So many good ones.


Dang it, now I'll be up with Simon and Garfunkel the rest of the night. Midnightmom did put out a singing warning though. 

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I mint to say CD but said DVD.


Hello darkness, my old friend!

I've come to talk with you again.

Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping. 

And the vision that was planted in my head still remains, within the sounds of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone. 

Narrow streets of cobblestone

Neath the halo of a streetlamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp.

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light that split the night.

And touched the sounds of silence.


I think there are 3 more stanzas to this song but can't remember them all. 


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In case anyone isn't into music, two of the lines in the song The Sound Of Silence are:


And the sign said, "The words of the prophets Are written on the subway walls And tenement halls And whispered in the sounds of silence"


I don't think that's the subway they were talking about, but it works. :)

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That is in the last stanza of the song. 


And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made.

And the sign flashed out its warning.

In the words that it was forming 

and the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls.

And whispered in the sounds of silence.

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