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The English language can be so much fun (sometimes)! 

If you have any examples, post them here.


I'll start. This "brain teaser" meme is a grammar lesson, a spelling lesson, and a science lesson all in one!!!  :D

I'll bet it tastes good too! :yum3:



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Jeeeepers!  I started laughing and then coughing!  The funniest part of all that was "ignore me. I have Covid... "   :lol:   Now we know our Jeepers is feeling a bit more like herself!  :hug3:  


 ....really need to quit trying to catch up on MrsS ..... oh no.  IT'S 1:30 am already.  It was midnight just a few MrsS threads ago....  :scratchhead:  


MtRider  :offtobed:   ....after I read 3 more threads.... really! 

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Betcha' can't not "sing" this one!




Somebody wrote a "serious" answer in the post I "stole" this from:

  • The alligator's head is shaped like an "A" and the crockodile's head is shaped like a "C."


But, if you think about it, that only helps you to identify one from the other, but does not answer the question. So, them trying to "show off" failed............... miserably!!! ;)

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Alligator is legal to hunt in MS.   When I lived in Vicksburg, we had a 5pm traffic back up everyday by the MS river bridge because 'Bob' would lay in the road begging for idiots to feed him.  You'd be driving around and the traffic report would come on the radio 'Bob's in the road again.  Please do not feed the ALLIGATORS people.   If you stop feeding him, he will stop blocking traffic.  

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In the 50's - 60's we lived in a trailer park in Florida. At one end there was a huge pond. A small-ish alligator lived there. I can imagine someone let it loose as it got too big for a pet. Back then you could buy the babies as a souvenir. Also stuffed ones. :o  Even though we knew it was there, we kids would still play there. Why the alligator wasn't removed or why the pond wasn't fenced in is a mystery to me. I guess no one thought of that. Or why we continued to play there is a mystery too. I suppose since no one was eaten, it was considered safe. :huh:


We also used to play in a little stream there that had nice clay deposits. We really liked playing with that. It wasn't a babbling brook. More like a half dried up trickling ditch. It's a wonder we all didn't come down with the polio. But since no one did and it was clean enough for tadpoles....


It was sure a different time back then.  

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My MIL used to eat the HUGE ones - the kind where you could only fit one into a bowl! Can't remember if they were "frosted" or not though. I could never eat any variety of these as a cereal in milk cause they got tooooooooo mushy, BUT, I love the mini variety out of the box with just a little bit of peanut butter spread on them. Yum!  :yum3:



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