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No need to store water when you have these on hand...................... :D


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2 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Unless I'm misunderstanding...


IKEA is a modular furniture store. They send you the pieces and the instructions and you have to have to "do it yourself" to build the item you ordered. :bow:

I wonder if there were hoses and other necessary items still in the box???:scratchhead:  :hidingsmile::whistling:

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That is funny.  Though it is true that you can pull water from the air. But you need the items to do it. I watched a video of it I think on U-tube. I will try to find it again. It may also be in one of my prepper books. Will check that also and post on it. 

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Note that people relying on a solar still are advised to cut up vegetation to put under the plastic to increase the amount of liquid condensing on the plastic.  Also note that what he calls a quarter cup might be a bit more.

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