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We're getting snow!


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5 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Unbeknownst to Midnightmom  I caught her trying to park her car during the Great Blizzard of 2023. She was a trouper though. She finally got er dun.  :engel-smilies-10-1:

 No more parallel parking for me! :hapydancsmil:


This morning 8AM. I sure am glad that I got the last of the groceries out of the trunk before it started snowing last night!


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6 hours ago, Littlesister said:

I'll send you some of my 70 and 80* weather to help you get it melted. 


It didn't need to get that warm. It is already melting, but it is leaving the sidewalks very slushy and slippery. I tried using my walker earlier today and could not push the wheels through the snow that was there, but it was a bit easier this evening due to the "warmer" weather and the fact that people had been walking on it all day. It was still a bit dangerous to take my dog out to do her business, but we got'er done!

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Our 70 and 80* weather went by the wayside. It dropped back down into the 40's again with rain all day yesterday.  Haven't had snow yet but then we have had our worst snows in March before but will see how weather goes.  I'm ready to start with my garden. Got plans worked out now. But too cold to plant yet.

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