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RIP Toby Keith

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I really hated to read where he died. He fought a hard battle with stomach cancer. He was 62.  


I loved his music so much. He did a lot of fun upbeat country music songs.


IMO he sounded a lot like Merle Haggard. They did a duet and I couldn't which was which at times.


He did a lot of charity work and was a patriot. He will be miss by many.  :yar:

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LOL I'm very redundant. I have backups of all my CD's. Each one in the Jeep, the house, a back up CD, in the computer and on a thumb drive. I've lost too many songs in the past and it is not going to happen again.  Either they got deleted or scratched up. Or I crashed the computer. 


It's getting harder to find hard copies of music and movies these days. These young whippersnappers want digital now. I don't trust it. I want to own it in my grubby little paws. And I want to make CD's of only the songs I like. One CD holds about 80 minutes. Reminds me I need to buy some more blanks while I can still get them. 

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Jeepers, I didn't think about blanks. I best do the same thing. I do still have some but not many of them.  I have all the original CD's and 2 copies. Plus, on my computer as well. I just hope I am covered. I don't like all this streaming stuff either.

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A blueray/DVD/CD player is on my list of things to look at in Loja today.  They were $130 at the local store in Florida, are $45-$75 on Amazon.  Some of the things I want are already only available on blueray, as I missed my chance to get them on DVD.

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I needed a new DVD player last year. I found one on Amazon that plays all DVD's from everywhere except for Blu-ray. I don't have any Blueray's anyway. 


The thing is, I like foreign movies and especially box sets. Mostly British and some Australian. But most of them are from Region 2. Our DVD's in America are from Region 1 and most players sold in America only play Region 1 DVD's. I bought a player that will play all regions and it was very inexpensive for what it does. I'm still on this blasted phone so I can't look it up right now. I suppose you could look up 'multi region DVD player'. I hate to say what I paid for it because I'm not sure but I know it was under $100.00 


But the real reason I bought it was because Region 2 DVD's cost a lot less than Region 1. A lot less! I THINK most of mine came from England but with Amazon Prime I didn't have to pay for shipping. I just had to wait around a week or so for them. 


I don't remember if it plays CD's. I hope so. :scratchhead:

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