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Ok, this is going to be how it works. I'm going to ask Spider a silly question, and then Spider is going to ask someone else a silly question, etc....be creative! Make sure you let the person know that you have asked them a question!


Spider....have you ever owned an alligator?

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Well Snowmom..I have. We had a record 11 inch snowfall here in Alabama about 17 years ago. We had a Snowman and a Snowwoman (courtesy of my then teenage son, which I had to perform reduction surgery on)


Attention Quiltys41...Have you made 41 quilts?

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well lets see... I have made quilts for 25 years...i have made one or two a year...but something tells me i haven't quite made 41 yet...but i started a new one today lol....



Well lets see who's next?? unike....is there a storm in our futures?

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I have been swamped with ducks for months...I'm thinking about buying a farm and hearding them all there, let them have fun, make babies and then sell FRESH DUCK! Wadda ya think? lol


Speaking of duck...CeeGee, have you ever been attacked by a DUCK?




*whew* I finally made it here...lol

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