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  1. I know what you mean about compost not composting. Even in Grand Junction where we had adequate water to put on the pile, it wasn't breaking down. In Rangely, where I had less water, buried cardboard was still cardboard several yrs later. In Texas, it would decompose in just a few weeks so it was hard to get enough to do much there too.
  2. Windy and hot! 82 and humid. No screens so I have a couple window opened a little and wasps invited themselves right in. Going to staple screen over some windows tomorrow to make do till the new screens are done. Supposed to be a bit cooler next few days and want the windows open.
  3. When I try to go to Mrs S and my computer messes up, it will do a search on Mrs S instead of going to the site. If I click on the "discussion forums" link I am redirected to a commercial site. Thought someone needed to know that. It has happened several times both with IE and Firefox browsers.
  4. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/nation/2015/04/07/power-outages-dc/25411847/ Just check out WHO was without power! Wonder how prepared they will be next time.
  5. Got all the grape vine trimmings and the hazel bush starts put in sand to start rooting. If even a part of them root and grow I'll have a nice vineyard and plenty of (little bitty) nuts. I think I MAY have ONE doe that my late buck got pg that is about to deliver. If she gives me a buck again this yr (she's never given me anything but bucks) I hope he is a keeper as he will be several sires away from the rest of the does' kids from Noah. That would give me a buck for Noah's daughters next season. My luck that she will have does for the first time ever.
  6. Just ordered 6 fruit trees. 2 red haven peach, 1 sweet cherry, 1 chicago hardy fig, 2 plums (superior and bubble gum). They ship this week. I gotta get some holes dug!
  7. We haven't had to buy meat for a while since I've so much canned, but we've had to buy dairy with the goats dry and I've had to buy hay for several months. At least I've not been laying out a lot for poultry feed, but that is about to change, I'm afraid. hope i can get some garden in.
  8. So stay away from sick birds. LOL Fever has to be more than low grade. Around 103-104 is what birds run normally. Pigs are a bit lower.
  9. I think it is going to be rather a lot of work to get going. Hopefully it will keep providing a long time though.
  10. I see the wild waterfowl fly over but they are more interested in a lake to the south of me and not on my property. Birds and pigs normally run a higher body temp than humans. The avian flu is adapted to live at normal temps for birds and the swine flu at normal temps for swine. Humans normally only catch the flu from these creatures when their temps are already elevated. In other words, you have to be sick with a high fever before the flu virus can replicate in your body. Swine are closer biologically than poultry so their diseases can make the jump more readily. However, it doesn't h
  11. The outbreak is in western missouri and thought to have been transmitted by the migrating waterfowl. It is ONLY in birds, no human cases reported.
  12. Always good to have multiple exits! Maybe you can find and drive that road when the weather clears and before the fires start up. I remember once I was looking at a property in NW CO that was WAY out of town on a dirt road.The realtor who had it listed had directed us to the wrong location but we (my friend who is a realtor, her husband and I) found the right location. It was just too far out for dd and me to be alone so I didn't get it. On the map, that looked like a good road thru the mountains and a viable alternative to going over Douglass Pass to get to Grand Junction. IT WAS NOT
  13. IMHO the first and best prep is to get out of a dangerous situation. That was one of the main reasons i felt it necessary to move. Knowing that dd and I would not be likely to get out safely in a wild fire and maybe not a flood and having no safe place during storms, made the move an imperative.
  14. Sure! I'd love some elderberry starts! The nut bush starts came today and got the concord grape vine trimmings. Got to set up stuff for rooting all this. It is all stuck in water right now.
  15. A friend brought me a five gallon bucket stuffed with the trimmings from her concord grape vines and someone else sent the hazelnut bushes and those came today. Friend with the grape vines said she got 4 cherry egger pullets in an order of meat chicks that she didn't order (hatchery sent to wrong address and told her to keep them or give away). She is going to raise and butcher the meat chicks but asked if I want the pullets. She will raise them till she butchers the meat birds then bring them over. I'm going to order some surplus cockerel chicks to use for bug and tick control too. Might keep
  16. Do you remember that huge Bastrop Texas fire in 2011? They are calling it the most destructive fire in Texas history. It was 15 miles from us as the crow flies. I was sitting in a mobile home surrounded by woods with a very high fuel load. That fire had advanced so rapidly, it was moving between 30 and 60 mph at one point. My friend lived down wind and had to evac. I was upwind or we would have been having to evac. No transportation unless a neighbor was home and remembered us. I was scared but had no where to go and couldn't transport my animals.
  17. I have windows open, though a might chilly, I want to cook some stuff without overheating the house. Glad it isn't real cold though! Cistern is FULL. I'm trying to get the septic in but the mud is a hindrance. Some of the hay got wet and molded so lost rather a lot out of one bale. Now I need to order another bale Still need to get fence up, but it is much too wet and mucky out there.
  18. Frog strangler again last night! One poor fellow was protesting vigorously!
  19. Will keep praying. I've known for a long time that it doesn't matter if I drink coffee or not, take something to make me sleepy or not, as long as my head won't shut up, I won't sleep. The Word says "He gives His beloved sleep" and Jesus said "MY Peace I give to you". Anticipating and fearing a big change is one of the worst things to take away your peace and sleep. BTDT got a whole case of t-shirts!
  20. Yes, and as long as it tasted good, I'd have eaten it right up!
  21. I think I've read the ones here, Mt Rider. Wormy, that story started to open then the page went to a web ring and I didnt see that story there. Don't know what happened.
  22. I rarely think to carry the cell phone. For too many years I've lived beyond the range of cell towers. I do need to get in the habit, but I run in and out frequently all day and often I will shed whatever clothes I have on, tossing them out the door and put on clean (tick free) clothes. I'm afraid the cell phone would end up in a bucket of soapy water, the first day. House isn't far from the road, but the back end of the property is 1/2 mile from the road and I do go down there sometimes or at least part way and it usually isn't planned to where I will think to go back for the phone. No neig
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