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  1. You need to check the BTUs on the stove to know if it will be hot enough. The cast iron ones usually are about 15000 BTUs per ring. They run about $50 or so here for the double ring stove. It doesn't look like you have Amazon in the Netherlands. There is one in the UK, but I don't know about shipping or anything. Alternatively, you might find an older propane stove that you can set up in an out building for a backup cooking source. Is there a store that carries reconditioned used appliances or perhaps someone wants to get rid of one that the oven doesn't work but the burners do and would l
  2. I don't think the small electric plate would work with a really heavy item like a pressure canner. Could you find a gas burner? Something like this, perhaps? It can run off a bottle of propane. (I have no idea what they call propane in Europe, sorry.)
  3. Can you just get a prepaid Visa and use that to make donations?
  4. HEY!!! Pull up a rocker, and here's a feather pillow to make it comfy! Have a nice hot cuppa tea and a cookie and tell us what you've been up to. I moved from Texas to Missouri since I 'saw' you last. Big move and real rough but glad I did it.
  5. Put together the new garden cart I ordered. Today I hope to use it to shift some things from the house to one of the cabins. I have too much clutter in here. Soon I can take all the jars of canned stuff and all the buckets of paint out of here too. Waiting for the weather to warm a bit more. Hoping by next winter to get a little backup heat in at least one of the cabins so things like that can be kept above freezing without being in the house. Waiting to see if I got the bid on a roll of window screen. If I get it, I can screen the porch as well as all the windows. I want to be able to coo
  6. We2, try getting some silica gel packs to go into your jars of dried foods. They can be reused by heating in a slow oven to drive off the moisture (put them on a tray and slide into the oven after removing baked goods and turning the stove off.)
  7. Been pouring rain since last night. Out of dry fuel for the hobo, don't want to stand in the pouring rain cooking with twigs or run thru the rain to get under the carport with it. Don't want a roaring fire in the woodstove just to have a cup of tea when house is already warm and don't want to open window to cool house off just to make a roaring fire for a cuppa. Couldn't get to town to buy replacement regulator for gas stove because dd is sick. Bus only goes 1x a week. Can't drive anywhere to buy one. Don't have sterno and no buddy burner made, need heat to melt wax for it and don't have suita
  8. Oh well, if it is really bad preps don't help anyhow. I think lots of times it is better to focus our resources on surviving the more likely things that are survivable with a little foresight and work. You know, like the way everything shut down for a couple of weeks here due to winter weather. I could have survived ok because I still have some stuff put away, but it was a whole lot nicer to have the groceries my friends delivered when I couldn't get to the store. Hopefully next time I'll be better prepared. This move has really depleted both my stores and my financial ability to restock. Work
  9. Ordered 3 shelving units. Still won't be enough, but it is a good start. Need to get the clutter under control.
  10. Mt Rider, CME and EMP are very different. They emit different wavelengths at different levels of energy. What protects against one will not likely protect against the other. I've read a lot of sites that try to say they are the same, but the people who say that have little or no understanding of physics.
  11. CME and EMP are vastly different. CME is from the sun and so far this flare hasn't produced one. Even if it does, they nearly always miss earth. EMP is nuclear, not from the sun. The effects of each are VERY different. The protection needed for one is not at all like what you need from the other. Then there is the regular nuclear radiation from bombs as opposed to the radiation from a nuclear facility meltdown. Two totally different things again. I've posted about this a number of times. I know it can be confusing, but we all need to educate ourselves on the differences or when push
  12. Canola oil does bad things to your cholesterol. I never touch the stuff except to clean oil paint from brushes. Daughter is gluten, corn and soy free but I've worked with her diet enough so we manage well without too much 'special' food. As long as I can shop at a regular grocery, we are ok. I am on a low phosphorus diet and have to keep oxalic acid and veggie proteins as low as possible. It would only be if we were thrown into a situation such as major delay while traveling or evac due to fire or such that we might run into problems. Grocery stores I can manage, but restaurants can be dic
  13. A long handled vibrator is another thing to have in that med kit. It will break up that gunk in your chest better and faster than anything else.
  14. Did a little research and ordered a 128-hz tuning fork for my med kit. Used with a bell stethoscope, I'll be able to check for bone breaks on both humans and goaties. (Thanks Mt Rider for the heads up on it.)
  15. Arby, go to a cheese supply place online and buy the packs of culture there. (Crazy computer decided to bold everything and still won't let me copy/paste a link for you.) The mesophilic culture is buttermilk and the thermophilic is yogurt. Daughter and I are both on special diets and we both get sick if we don't stick to our own. Hope we never have to do any more drastic changes.
  16. It probably didn't seal because when it got too hot, cooled off then reheated, food boiled out and got between the jar and the seal. Nothing wrong with it if you let it cool and then promptly refrigerate. Perfectly safe to eat. Don't want to be wasting food.
  17. Got 2 round bales and a truck load of split oak delivered. Hopefully this will do us till warmer weather.
  18. Thanks, Sarah. I have LOTS of dry blueberry seed. Glad to know I can use it! I sun dried a lot of berries last yr before we moved.
  19. Forecast 50s today. Sunny and melting off. Waiting for it to warm enough that the tarp over the goat shelter isn't so stiff. I have to do something to keep the buck from climbing onto the tarp since the shelter is mostly collapsed. I have to get a new beam delivered and some help to get the shelter back up.
  20. Cold but so bright and sunny that I got a headache doing chores. Snow starting to melt.
  21. Onions, garlic, oregano and hawthorn can help with blood pressure. All can be grown in north america. There is wild oregano growing here. I'm sure the others can be naturalized. I found walking onions along the creek in Texas where they had escaped cultivation. Certainly onions and garlic have wild relatives everywhere.
  22. Bus ran yesterday, but due to new rider being VERY inconsiderate and SLOW, we came home after the blizzard started. I was really praying hard! Weather guessers had promised sunny and 50 degrees for wed when i checked last week. Forecast gradually worsened as the week progressed. If I have to miss next week, though, we will be ok.
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