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  1. Arby, it is a ton of work! Haven't seen any snakes so far this yr, but did see a skink so snakes are out too. I watch fo them and my Pyr always goes with me when I am in the woods.
  2. Cleared another stretch of brush for fenceline. I am exhausted.
  3. There are many volcanic rocks in the Grand Junction area and south. The Grand Mesa is an old volcano.
  4. The natural pyrethrins don't last very long. That is why I use the synthetic version. Rather use the natural, but it has such a short life span and I really need the longer term protection. I don't think it affects mice particularly.
  5. Spent the morning clearing brush along the new fence line. Felt like I made some progress.
  6. Mt Rider, it is a specific mum, not every mum. You can get it powdered too. I get the 10% from the farm supply. You mix about 1 oz per gallon of water and use a spray bottle. Best to just dedicate some clothes for wearing in tick area and soak them in the solution then let them dry. I take a permanent marker and write big "P"s all over the clothes that I am treating so they don't end up mixed in with the other clothes. Be sure to treat several pair of sox and wear sox that are tightly knit as the tiny ticks will work their way into and thru the cheap white cotton sox.
  7. Pyrethrum is in the chrysanthemum family. Pyrethrum should not be used around cats since they lack an enzyme to remove it from the body. Nor should it be used where it can contaminate sources of runoff for ponds or streams as it will kill fish. Caution should be used if bees will contact it as they are very sensitive. It is otherwise generally considered safe in low dose for mammals. It should not be sprayed onto the skin, but applied to garments that are completely dried before wearing. These garments should not be washed with the rest of the clothing. The insecticide will stay active fo
  8. Praying, and adding one of my own, please pray for Sonny. He rides the bus with me on wednesdays to shop. He was having a TIA (mini stroke) yesterday and I could not persuade him that he needed to see a doctor. I feel now that I should have insisted on us all going to the ER with him yesterday. I hope he doesn't end up with a really bad stroke because I wasn't forceful enough.
  9. Some friends from church came and repaired the goat shelter that had crashed during a 10 inch snow (it started snowing after dark and I had no idea we got so much till the next morning). So that is good to go for now. I have to get a kidding stall set up for the doe that is due shortly. Friends also brought 6 more gallons of jersey milk so I'm making more butter and cheese. I think I'm going to make some cream of tomato soup for supper from some of the milk and the fresh vine ripened tomatoes she brought from a local greenhouse (greenhouse owned and run by a family in the church.) I can't ea
  10. I WONDERED where that tax post landed. Supposed to be in the what you did this week thread. LOL Keeps raining here. Sure wish I had a pond to catch it for summer.
  11. fence first. fence not done yet. planting is futile.
  12. YAY Army!!! Sounds like you're on a roll! I must have spent an hour trying to find the right sash rods (at the right price and free ship) for my windows online. Local store won't stock more than 2 or 3 of them at a time, won't order, and I need 10 packs. These are so I can make insulated curtains for my huge casement windows and open or shut them without fighting curtains or having curtains in the way of the air movement. I got the panels cut out for the kitchen windows but feel so rotten with chest congestion and cold that won't quit that I don't feel like sewing them or finding the fabri
  13. I grind up the meat from tough birds and make chicken burgers. Real tasty! BTW, my geese have a nest of eggs (3 girls one gander) and two of the girls are taking turns setting it. They woke me up last night though, yelling about whose turn it was. LOL I suspect there are eggs at multiple stages but the geese will normally keep setting till all the viable eggs have hatched while the others in their group look after the goslings. They frequently group parent.
  14. I don't even like to give my home canned goods to others because I don't want the liability. I am careful and we have never got sick, but you can't control what happens outside of your own kitchen and just the fact that it came from your kitchen makes you liable if they get sick.
  15. Yea, Arby and in the fall, any roosters still running around get made into rooster burger so I don't have to feed them all winter. LOL
  16. Mt Rider, do you think that is why I had to go thru 'heck on earth' those 9 yrs in Texas?
  17. Great. The ticks are really bad here. Ordering me 100 surplus rooster chicks! Gonna turn them loose in the yard/paddock/pasture/woods as soon as they are big enough.
  18. I got the pecan, 1 cherry and 2 plum trees planted. Made butter and working on making cheese from 8 gal of jersey milk a friend brought me. I've got dry beans soaking in some of the whey and I'll cook those in a bit then add carrots, potatoes and cabbage.
  19. Good work, Mt Rider! Hope it helps you feel more in control. And I REALLY hope you don't need to use that stuff this yr.
  20. Got the statement on property tax from the mortgage holder. $15 for the yr on 38 aces. I was paying over 800/yr for 8 acres in TX. THAT is another one of the main reasons I felt it necessary to move. I know they can always raise the taxes, but getting $15 a yr together to pay is a whole lot easier than 800 especially if my income drops or goes away.
  21. Mt Rider, I am really praying harder than ever that you can move to a safer, easier, place SOON and no more RM winters!
  22. Homesteader, hon, that is how it normally works. In the desert, forget all that. You can hose that pile down every single day and when you go to turn it, nothing will have broken down. If you don't have the water to hose it down, it can literally sit for decades and never decompose.
  23. I picked up a pecan tree today. Just a little tiny thing, but I'll plant it and some day, somebody might get to eat some pecans. The thing is; if somebody doesn't plant the fruit and nut trees today, they won't be available for anybody to eat from tomorrow.
  24. Possible, but I don't know how to find out or change it. I've run all the virus and ad ware scans and it didn't change.
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