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  1. Jeepers, I started reading it and deleted the link. I didn't realize they had so much of their religion in that manual. Sorry, I can't feel right about recommending it now.
  2. I don't know of any fiction like that, Jeepers. Maybe one of us needs to write it! I don't skim over stuff. I put the book down and stop reading if it even looks like heading in the wrong direction.
  3. No I didn't realize how much on the edge your life is from day to day. How I wish you were in a better situation. I have lived out as far as you, but at a lower elevation (7k ft). Things got pretty dicey at times. Even here, when I first arrived, if Twilight had not come when she did, I might not have survived it I was close to heat stroke. I don't even think I was making much sense that day. Certainly my thinking was all off and the decisions I made were not the best. The flies were tormenting me so that I retreated to the cabin and it had NO air circulation, no a/c, my inverter had gone miss
  4. Someone is sending me 10 or so american hazelnut bush starts, for the cost of postage! I can propagate more from those. The nuts are real tiny, but probably once I get plenty of plants spread over the property the nuts will mostly be for feed for wildlife and livestock.
  5. You posted while I was typing! Yes, progress is wonderful!!!!
  6. Goodness, Arby, that was really a friend to do that in such weather! I am trying to do everything bit by bit as I can afford it and making do as much as possible. No real luxuries except perhaps this internet and it may have to go soon. Frost level here is usually less than 6 inches. Usually only frozen a few weeks out of the yr. No way I could go down 18 inches! I would have to hire the backhoe. Mt Rider, dear. I think you need to pare down and simplify your bug out stuff. There comes a point where you have too much stuff to deal with trying to manage every eventuality. That can hin
  7. So glad you had the energy to get 'out', Mt Rider! I agree, that is very therapeutic!
  8. Found the hole saw saturday and cut the two holes in the floor. I have two layers of floor in the bath because I am sloping the floor in the entire room to a floor drain. Unfortunately the hole is just a little too small for my 4 inch pipe. So I have another problem to work around. Can't get a jig saw down there because there isn't enough room. Finished getting the two 55gal drums set below the house. Had to excavate two holes for them. Started on it months ago, but finished today. I'm on a roll, gals! I have to order more hay and he will likely bring it saturday. I'm going to ask him to h
  9. 72 forecast for a high today and sunny. NEED window screens. Hoping they will be done soon. 70s all week. I'm trying to get the septic completed then will hopefully get the shower, kitchen sink and electrical done (at least well enough to be used. Don't know when I'll get kitchen cabinets.) Checked goats for ticks since one poor goat was absolutely covered. Most of the does had no ticks or maybe one. I need to break out the permethrin and spray them and treat some clothes for myself.
  10. I hope it never comes to the point of feeding the warriors and childbearing women and everyone else left to starve! We don't know how we would react to such a situation till it happens. I hope I'd be all self sacrificing for the good of the group, but don't count on it. LOL I once read a book about Eskimos prior to them being overrun by european civilization. The older woman in the family was set out on the ice to die, but before she died her daughter gave birth to a baby with no teeth. The young couple panicked because they knew a person with no teeth wouldn't be able to survive and the f
  11. I need a well and a good pond or two. Relying on rain catch and only one cistern and it isn't enough to water a garden. I plan to put a pond in as soon as I can afford it but I'm not investing in a well till the land is paid off. I'll probably get a second cistern at some point.
  12. Yes. That is why I don't like it. I stopped reading when I saw it was going that direction.
  13. Hard frost last two nights. On the way to church this morn I noticed that just those few miles away spring seems to come a week or two before here. Of course the ticks are out in force already.
  14. I didn't know about the embedded videos. I must have them blocked somehow. I don't think Alan has written anything else. Not sure though. I really prefer not to have to read "single guy finds gorgeous dame and they survive the end of the world with lots of sex and violence" stories. That is why I like Alan's, plus it is well written.
  15. Sorry to be the voice of dissent, I didn't like it in the least. Alan Hagan wrote a really good one. Posted it online. "We interrupt this program". http://www.homesteadingtoday.com/specialty-forums/survival-emergency-preparedness/vault/192640-fiction-we-interrupt-program.html You don't have to be a member to read it, at least not for now. They are making changes at HT and I don't particularly like them.
  16. YAY for Mt Rider! If I can get the porch screened, I can put something out there to sleep on if need be, but I had HUGE windows put in the house that open all the way. That should be almost as cool as sleeping outside. I also sited the house where it nearly always gets a breeze coming up the valley. Not at the top of the hill so the breeze continues to pull up beyond me. That makes a really big difference.
  17. I didn't think I would survive this last move mainly due to sleep issues. Didn't help to arrive in the midst of a heat wave. I have major heat issues too. I'm dreading summer, but hopefully can get screens up soon and can get the power situation under control to have a small a/c unit if needed. I need some way to shade my large east and west windows. Can't afford the plantation shutters I need.
  18. I might build some sort of insulated box there. That is a good idea. The cleanout will be right there too. Hope you feel better.
  19. I can't put much dirt on top because the house is right there and I don't want dirt against it. Thinkinng of usig spray foam on the pipe there though. If I don't forget to buy some when I next get to town with enough money.
  20. Glad you slept. I know what you mean about skimming. I call it skipping, like skipping a stone across the water instead of tossing it right in. Sometimes it skips right across and lands on the opposite shore and never makes it into the actual water. I've had problems sleeping since I was 3.0 Sleep pills make my problems worse. Reacted badly to melatonin. Trying to adjust to no ear plugs since I started having problems with those. Trying to adjust to living in tiny house with daughter who does not understand being quiet and has always had days and nights mixed up. She also snores. LOUDLY. A
  21. Finally got the slope right on the septic line, but just barely, it has taken months to do between weather and my bad back. I can only work a few minutes at a time and only do it a few times a day on good weather, good back days. Now I've mislaid the hole saw I bought to cut the hole for the toilet. Gotta be around here someplace. I wasn't able to get the entire line below the frostline and still have even minimum slope. Hoping it won't freeze up ever.
  22. Oh, Christy, what an awful thing for a mother to do.
  23. Most people carry cell phones these days. If you see someone "hurt" or "abandoned" on the road, keep driving and call the authorities. If help is really needed they will provide it and if it is a trap, likely the would be perps will skedaddle and no person in need of assistance will be found. This is hardly a new tactic, tryinng to entice a would be helper to stop and jumping them, but the egg on the windshield is something I've only heard about fairly recently.
  24. Prayiing harder, dear friend. I've been wanting to call, but afraid of taxing your strength too much. If you want to talk, email me at (my user name) @ gmail.com and I'll call you.
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