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  1. Have done a lot of dehydrating, stocking up at the grocery store and ordered stuff from LDS and off Amazon. Also ordered another magazine (clip) for my pistol and trying to find a holster (belt), whatever will be comfortable for me to carry my pistol. I did get a pistol permit.
  2. Doing a lot of dehydrating and putting stuff in mylar bags. Had gal. bags of whole okra in the freezer and its in the dehydrator now.
  3. Ordered a lifestraw and heirloom seeds. Have dehydrator going again with tomatoes and bell peppers then I will do more celery.
  4. Bought another dehydrator and it came today. Went to walmart and bought apple rings cereal and put in mylar bags, bought 8 cans tuna and some ham spread, 2 bags of dried apples, dried 8 lbs. of chicken and will put it in a mylar tomorrow, have oranges and more celery in the other dehydrator, got some food grade buckets/lids and a couple totes. Went through my pantry yesterday my put my box potatoes, hamburger helpers and cake mixes in mylar bags for long storage. Ordered more quart mylars and O2 absorbers today. Got a lot of other things done just cant remember all. Have 8 more lbs of chicken to do tomorrow and going to grind some wheat and make rolls so I can get the recipes down pat. This book "Recipes from the Old Mill" by Sarah E. Myers and Mary Beth Lind is a real good book.
  5. Got me a Presto dehydrator today and have a pound of frozen mixed veggies and some celery going now. Got my gal. mylar bags I ordered, my #10 can of powdered butter and 2 big packs of skinless/boneless chicken to dehydrate.
  6. I keep like 6 cartons of shelf stable and if it gets close to date I mix it with reg. milk or cook with it. I also store powdered milk.
  7. I get lazy then something will happen (like elections) and its like someone lit a fire under me. LOL
  8. We have always ate the cream soups before they go bad. Today I received my case of wheat from LDS and the plastic lids. Also water purification tablets I ordered on-line. Went to the store and got: 8 tuna, 4 shelf stable milk, 3 small boxes of powdered milk, 2 spaghetti sauce, 2 drink powders (Tang and Crystal Light).
  9. Made a run to Alidis got: 24 cream of chicken, 12 corn, 12 cream corn, 12 peas, 12 kidney beans, 12 grean beans, 12 lima beans, rice, 4 mustard, 4 ketchup, gravy mixes, 4 baked beans, 2 spam, 2 vegt. oil, 1 shortening, 3 pineapple chunks, 1 large applesauce, 3 steak sauce, 2 boxes of tea bags5 boxes of crackers and things to use now like eggs and milk.
  10. Just ordered 3 more food grade buckets with lids, powdered butter and water purifier plus from LDS I ordered powered milk and flour. I picked up 3 bags of 6 bean soup mix and dry great northern beans, 8 cans of tuna, 3 cans pasta and 2 of the snack style chicken salad and crackers. Picked up a 3 ring binder and dividers and printed off recipes using food storage.
  11. Broke don't to smaller portions 7 lbs. of brown sugar and vaccum sealed it, bought 2 qts local honey.
  12. My grain mill will be delivered today plus my 3 food grade buckets, bags for in buckets, oxygen things and I ordered 6- #10 cans of wheat from the LDS site and just ordered 40 lb. bucket of wheat from Sams. Went to Sams today and picked up things for us to use now plus 3 - 4 gal. jugs of water, 6 cans beef stew, 4 lbs. brown sugar and 50 lbs. white sugar. I really feel like I have done a lot this week.
  13. Mt_Rider, no not my canning stuff but would love it to be. Coming from Ohio and moving here 31 yrs. ago I never dreamed I'd be living through so many tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes. Woke me up that no matter winter, spring or summer ya have to keep prepping. Some folks in Northern states only prep for snow, not down here, its ice, etc. year round.
  14. We had a 3.0 here in Alabama the other day. About the Tuscaloosa/Jefferson county line. Nothing major but when ya live close ya wonder how big the next one will be.
  15. I have already cooked, deboned and froze about 40-50 lbs. of chicken leg quarters but went today and bought 30 lbs. more which I may can. Aldis is opening here next month! Boy I can't wait.
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