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  1. Hope everyone is doing good. Finally starting to thaw out this afternoon, when I went to the store this morning the trees were still bent over with ice and sparkling as I drove thru the mountains. We survived not leaving the house for 5 days bc of ice luckily we only lost power for 3 hrs, we had enough food in the house but need to put things in boxes that will keep us entertained a bit and not let cabin fever set in too much. Not been on much too many Dr appts and crap going on. Please say a Prayer for Trenten (age 6) hes having a double hernia surgery tomorrow. Take care everyone.
  2. We got a letter from DH employer saying that they meet the new standards so we wont be fined but we wont see any tax breaks to help pay for ins unless we buy from the exchange online. Im going to check and see what our rates are on there but at the same time I like it being taken out of his check and not having to pay another bill.
  3. Thanks Jeepers, Philbe aww I can almost smell the rain lol I wish, food sounds Yummy! Hope you start feeling better soon, little Ollie has umbilical hernia too but they are just watching it for now.
  4. Thanks Philbe, we have 1 emergency clinic but they don't take our insurance and after 2 trips to the local hospital and not being very impressed Im just going to drive 40 minutes to the clean, up to date, knowledgeable hospital if the sick party is breathing ok and not bleeding ti death.
  5. Wow life sure has taken over with school,softball, baseball, and football. Around 7pm on the 8th my youngest (3) started gaging and we noticed his tongue was swelling so gave him Benadryl and took him to ER after waiting 2 hrs it went down some and they didn't do anything for him just said watch him and push fluids and Benadryl. Kids put dog out Monday morning before school (730)and I went to water her around 11am and she was dead I had to have hubby come home and deal with her bc I was worried that what happened to the dog and baby might be related but after a few days Ollie got better, Thank God! On the 13th trent(6) came home early with a tummy ache but later that night said his groin/scrotum was hurting so we looked and he was Very swollen so again we went to ER where after 4 hrs they sent us home with an "Ant bite" grrr. Saturday morning he was still in pain and swollen so I called across the state line to a hospital in Ft Smith and they take our ins so we drove over there where we had no wait in the ER and they did an ultrasound and said he has epididymitis probably caused from an injury such as bicycle which he just got a new big boy one or a urinary tract infection so with some ibprophen and antibiotics he should be better in a few days. whew is it nap time yet lol so ready for life to settle down. Well off to clean up the mess I made in the kitchen when I started to rearrange yesterday and the laundy pile looks like 3 loads left 2 which are blankets/towels so hopefully today will go smoothly.
  6. Yes it seems to be that way. I guess we will learn to be more independent than we already are kinda scary though if times did get very bad though, guess we just better prepare ourselves the best we can and hunker down.
  7. Just getting the laundry under control today and baking muffins and cookies. We have been in our new home in a small town since mid march and its been such a roller coaster ride. Hubby has work but doesn't pay anything close to what we are use to for a family of 6 and their is just so much stuff that needs done and it all cost money somehow I have learned to just laugh it all off and go on bc most stuff cant be tackled until much later like tax return time. We tried to save money and buy a metal shed in a box bc my brother said he was going to help but now hes backed out and after buying all the anchors and foundation it would of been cheaper to just have someone deliver and install a already made wood shed grrr. We asked my parents if we helped with gas money if they would come down and help but they got mad and said no I think bc we don't live close to them to drive my mom around and I don't have the money to help them with their bills anymore so they are having to choose between bills and beer/cigs. So they haven't talked to me in about 3 weeks oh well life must go on but it does irk me bc they have a tiller at their house they said we could have bc they got a brand new one given to them but now doubt well be getting it guess that's another thing I will add to the tax return wish list. I asked my brother to till us a garden spot up with the new tiller his mom in law bought him but hes not in a helping mood hmmm you think he would be after my hubby helped him bury 3 goats and a very large dog on 4th of july that supposedly died of worms not exactly what you want to be doing on a hot afternoon especially when its not your pretend farm. Guess the world doesn't work in the scratch my back ill scratch yours way that I was taught growing up but Im beginning to learn nothing I was taught was right or they just don't believe in it any more. Sorry for ranting just so many things changing lately and a lot seem crazy lol. Sometimes I wish there was a Mrs Survival town I could move to with like minded people.
  8. Oh no don't let my hubby see this he would think it would be a good fish cleaning station lol.
  9. I had never thought about that, good thing after moving I have no money left lol.
  10. We have a van and the spare tire is between the front and middle seats under the carpet so if we travel with more than usual amount I put the emergency cash or the 2nd part of the trip cash in there. Hopefully not very many people are going to break into my van to steal my spare tire so all I have to worry about is car theft, flood and fire.
  11. Hmmm that's gives me a lot to think about too. I have always distanced myself from certain people like from DH work, he has to work with them and that fine, but I don't spend time with them outside of work bc I don't want them influencing my children. So am I a snob so to speak if I don't hang out with certain people bc of what they believe or is it that God doesn't want them to be a bad influence on me? Oh well guess all just keep on doing what seems to have worked up til now, that is being a snob lol. Afterthought, I've never been one to have many "friends" or people around I wonder if that's how it was meant to be...like his plan was for me not to be a follower.
  12. I store food mainly for the purpose of job layoffs and getting snowed in during the winter and I have just recently started buying #10 cans if I have to open them during the winter when I'm done with it temporarily I plan to vacuum seal into bags or glass jars.
  13. How did you get a pic of me? lol
  14. Is it silly to be doing a happy dance that my can of Augason Farms whole eggs just came in the mail? lol We have lots of real food around but just now getting into dried cans of stuff etc. I ordered it first bc I went to make a cake the other day and couldn't bc of no eggs lol, I figured if I opened it for something like that I would use the vacuum sealer and put some into bags to keep it fresher than in a opened can. Not much going on around here drizzling rain which is good hopefully it will be dry this weekend to start putting the shed up we bought at lowes and my brothers suppose to bring me wood pallets from his work so I can make shelves in the kitchen cabinets bc all 3 of them are 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall so if you stack stuff it ends up falling down and at lowes the wood I looked at was over $30 for just one board umm not for me the pallets will do just fine nobodys going to see it but me anyways. Also ordered 2 dried soup mixes bc it made the shipping free and they were less than what shipping would be so practically free right? Hasn't came yet but got a bottle of burn gel bc Im always burning myself on the oven and hubby brought some gel home from work but once your tear a packet open you got to use it within a couple days or throw it away so now I can put the rest of the packets in car or camping stuff and have the bottle in the house and just use a little and close it up, so glad to have this site to do my happy typing lol nobody else around understand why I order the things I do. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday guess I will go do something productive before I have to go to town.
  15. Thanks I didn't think of it as heating the house too, and I will look for a refill place instead of exchange if we ever buy the adapter thing to use the big tanks right now they all take the little propane bottles and while they probably cost a little more they fit in my storage hidie holes right now til we get a storage shed built.
  16. Looking at ordering the EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove from amazon bc we have been told if we have a bad winter at our new house it could be a week or two before power could be turned back on, wondering if anyone owns something like this and what they think about it. We also own camp stoves but thought we would save our propane for the buddy heater. Also I had a blue perculator coffee pot from walmart but it rusted really fast are there better brands or places to buy something to boil water in that's easily to pour?
  17. Trying to recover from a mild anxiety attack, trying to do some little projects round the house today like putting a shelf above the washer the baby was sleeping and older kids playing out in the sunshine when the Tornado siren BLOWS! Oh my gosh it was nice outside so we weren't expecting bad weather we get out in the van and it stops hmmm.... call my brother and nobody in the last 2 months since moving to this town has anyone bothered to tell us that they also use the siren to call the volunteer firemen in to work Grrrrrr. My brother says there is a difference in the tone or pattern of the siren but we are so close to it less than a block away from the pole that its just a blaring, deafening, heart pounding sound that you cant tell the difference. Needless to say the baby wasn't sleeping anymore and when we got back inside we just sat shaking and I just cried with him lol sounds so stupid now but I hate that sound and how it makes my heart start going. Hope everyone had a great day think I'm going to find some chocolate lol and then try and get some sleep.
  18. Ahh been a long day nice to sit and rest, playing on here and listening to the tornado consert on kfor.com in the other puter tab nice to be able to watch it and not have to deal with the crowd. Did a lot of baking and rearranging the kitchen today then son had ball came home fed dinner now a few minutes of quiet time before bed. Hope everyone had a great day, night.
  19. Not much going on today still don't feel like I have had enough rest. Hubby said we could use some emergency money and have the kids make care bags for a local church that is going down to Moore on Saturday, so anyways we just go those made and delivered, ouch to the pocket book but it teaches the kids that we can give back even though we cant go down there and hopefully if we are ever in need somebody will return the favor. Little bit of laundry to do and lunch then hopefully a nap lol.
  20. Im going to pack a better bag with important papers that would save me headaches to replace later with out any IDs. But after leaving last night after the sirens went off grabing nothing but the 4 kids and car keys to get there I wasn't worried at all about anything I left behind not that attached to any of it but cant replace my kids. I left everything my phone and wedding ring but both could of been replaced truth be told the phone cost more then the ring lol.
  21. Sirens went off just as I put the kids to bed last night so I grabed the 2 yr old and my keys and ran to the car to drive to the shelter about 5 blocks away at the school. A lot of people and their animals where there, I got to pack a better bag forgot a tippy cup or any drinks for that matter and I need to take meds with us especially my Benadryl didn't even begin to think about people smelling like cats or the one lady brought her kitten so we stayed far away lol. So just trying to calm my nerves today maybe a little nap after I pack a better emergency bag this is the first time we have had to go to a shelter instead of staying in our own hiddy hole. I know what Im buying with the next tax return, a Storm Shelter! Everyone stay safe.
  22. We saw some at a trade show type event cant remember which one, but it was for around $40 but I didn't grab it bc I hate not being able to return things easily if it doesn't work but now that we don't have ins so I can go to the chiropractor twice a week Im so getting one soon bc my shoulder and neck have been killing me.(kicks myself if the behind) lol
  23. I am in the same boat have been at home for 10 yrs with the kids but with cost of everything going up I am now looking for a job opposite shift of DH so we can add to the emergency fund and stock up on more things.
  24. Thanks, there are six good eaters in the house and we did almost empty the pantry before we moved and we eat at home or take with us if out bc it is 20min one way drive to a drive thru and that's not in our budget with our income being 1/3 of what it was before.
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