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Do Americans and Canadians.....................

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You're funny Ed! You know curry - the hot spicy stuff with sauca and poppadums and naan bread and bahjis etc from India. I just asked because it is reckoned to be the most popular meal in the UK now, and I wondered if it exists in the same form over the water. Do you have cuury houses/restaurants and Indian take aways(take out)? We have a fair sized In dian community spread all over the country, so that has probably helped the popularity if curry. The supermarkets all now do a good range of chilled ready curries which we use occasionally. Hubby had never tasted curry before he met me, so I introduced him to it, and now he says he could live on curry and chilli for the rest of his life. Don't know about that, for lots of reasons!!



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I prepare Middle Eastern meals several times a week.

We have a Middle Eastern market as well as an Asian Market locally (ok, locally for me is 50 miles). My primary Grocery store is a store that caters to the Hispanic population (they ahve the best butcher counter and fresh vegetables that put the chain markets to shame!)

Oh the question was go I eat curry? yes.

My favorite East Indian food (since I think we were talking specifically Indian) is Lamb or Goat Pallok and Gobi Aloo. Dang now I am hungry! I have Saag and Gobi Aloo left over from last night...think I will heat some up for breakfast!

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We have 2 Indian restraunts in my town. 1 is take out only, the other sit down. This is rather odd for IA, but we have a large Indiam population in my town because of the University here. They have lots of international students. I haven't eaten there for a long time, maybe DH and I will pop in there next time we go out to eat smile.gif



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Southern Indian is my favorite and probably prepare if more then anything else. Not saying I don't cook Italian, Mexican, Chinese or Japanese (love preparing Sushi). But come the winter I get to prepare all these wonderful rich dishes. In the summer, I BBQ and that is a whole nuther story.

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I found a curry plant a year ago, and it is now part of my permanent herb garden. I thought curry was a combination of spices until I found the plant.

This reminded me of a recipe I had made several years ago. Pork chops with curry and cream of asparagus soup. Don't know why another cream soup wouldn't do. Don't know if cream of asparagus soup is even available anymore. **flipping throught the recipe file**

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