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I have been in contact with Schoolmarm and she has suggested that there may be some confusion about the Mrs. Survival's Survival and Preparation Manual. Perhaps all of us need to "chat".


When the idea for the manual first began there were several ideas put forth for what should be included. That resulted in the great list that Schoolmarm came up with on your suggestions. Many of you volunteered to tackle those specific areas of need. Those areas have not been abandoned. They are a vital and necessary part of the manual.


Since that time, through discussions with Darlene and others, it has come to our attention that a section might also be added to the book that gave newcomers a chance to see basic preparation information all gathered into one place. That is how my outline on basic preps came about.


I know that this is a difficult time for all of us with the bird flu and other disasters looming on the horizon. It's difficult for each of us to take time out from our busy schedules to try to get the information together that might be needed in this manual. It is also a time of needing to share the information with others, perhaps new to preparation and survival, who might be helped through a difficult time by learning now about being prepared.


So, here is the situation. As this is a MRS S. manual it should be left up to the members to choose:


1.) IF you want to continue with the manual, and

2.) WHAT you would like to see the manual contain.


Schoolmarm and I propose that you take a look at the two outlines. Take a look at the amount of time you will be able to devote to helping to pull this book together and then give us your vote. Feel free to add your input as to changes that might be needed. We need your input before we can continue. Please cast your vote soon.






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excuse me for jumping in here... I looked at the outline on the sticky post and if that is the one you're asking for review of, I would like to see (for lack of a better term) Generational Lists. We moved my father to Kansas 1 1/2 years ago and having a frail/elderly member in our household made a huge difference in my emergency stock. I have a friend with twin babies who also had to make a moderate big adjustment for infants. Thanks!

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Since I am new to this I'd like to ask:

Are pets covered in the outline? I did not see anything in a quick perusal.


Is the information to be put together by individuals or are you going to add information from other sites and give credit for that info? like from Homeland Security and Red Cross for instance?

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Perhaps Mamacat is right and this thread is only causing more confusion (Thanks Mamacat!! For bringing that up ) I’m going to try to be very blunt here so that there will be no misunderstanding. The confusion is with Schoolmarm and myself about the intentions of the Mrs. S’s members towards the manual.


Here are the basic facts of the matter:


This manual is a pretty good idea in fact a darn good idea. We know that you are all busy with your own preps but now would be the perfect time to help others be prepared as well. The more people who are prepared, the less problems for us all. We'd like to see the manual come to life but there's no way that Schoolmarm and I can do it alone. It is intended to be the Mrs. S. manual, not ours, and that means it needs to come from the members. Plain and simple, that means if there is going to BE a Mrs. S manual, we need volunteers to WRITE this stuff.


We may add some links within it to other sites but we can't just take it from other sites or books or we could run into problems with copyrights and etc. Besides, this manual is meant to be like Mrs. S. herself; wonderful caring women, and some great men, helping others to be more prepared. We want to retain the feel that Mrs. S. gives to us all. ***That it CAN be done, that we will show them how with this manual and that there is support in the doing. In other words, not JUST a dry list of supplies but a whole way of life. Down to earth info and love, dispensed with each post or in this case, page.***


All the ideas you’ve posted here and in other places are great for the things that could be added but we need people willing to work on getting them ready to include. We need volunteers to write info on prepping for babies and for the elderly and for pets. We need people willing to tackle the other items included in the outlines. We need input but we also need tangible help.



Pertinent information:


It's my understanding that when the information starts coming in, it will be posted here for all to read and comment on. Then Schoolmarm and I will be in contact with those writing the info to see about REWRITING it to include the most pertinent info given. No one has to be an expert writer, as the editors, probably Schoolmarm and I and maybe some other volunteers, will help to shape it up. You just need to know your subject well or be willing to do the research on it. As each section is finished, we will somehow to all

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I have heard from 2 insurance sales people and others that the "officials" think this hurricane season will be as bad if not worse than last years..... That is scary!!!!

Time to prepare is now!!!!

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Oh geez, tell me isn't true, I'm so burned out on that...


I need to get my grains I just received stored property in case of flooding...


*darlene pulls a scarlett o'hara and says she'll think about it tomorrow*



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OK newhere so I don't know what all everyone has actually done on this or how far along the project has gotten.


It's a marvelous idea. Just my .02, mind you, but I've had a lot of trouble focusing my own thoughts on this. Yes, I can talk about a topic in isolation, but the thing is one area of preparation (or the lack threof) has consequencesthat come to bear on other areas. Inadequate fuel can impact ability to cook, heat, travel, and so on. That kind of thing.


I have tried to gather my own "notes" and "research" into a notebook and/or file on my computer to be able to access it quickly when needed. Yes, there are things that are permanently burned into (what little is left) of my mind after having been through several experiences of SHTF within the last few years.


With that said, there are several topics that are COMPLEX and TECHNICAL that I cannot commit to memory. A few that come to mind:








Your list is no doubt different, due to the path your life has taken up to this point.


I think we're ALL interdependent and that's the reason why this manual is such a great idea. Please from the newbie here, can we prettyplease try to find out why this has "stalled out?" There is such a NEED out here for this that it's not even funny. Also, a lot of the dismissal of the whole idea that a lot of friends and family are giving us is probably due to the fact that the whole subject is so huge that people deal with it by...not dealing with it. Dangerous, IMHO.


Another .02 from the change jar...maybe BECAUSE it's so big and interrelated is the thing. I know I'm having that problem with my own personal "files." I'm personally trying a ring binder thing by subject to be able to add/delete easier. I notice that's one suggestion that's been made here that I "liberated" for personal use.


I've found that's fine when dealing with an actual notebook. But when each "section" is a "thread" it's a lot harder to bring it all together without some kind of "search" or "index" feature to help with "compiling" it.


Hope this helps in focusing on why the project is stalled. It's so big and time-consuming too. The ideas about one "department head" for each topic was a good one. Maybe breaking it down further into sub-topics would help it be more manageable if there's enough people interested in contributing. That may help with the "time" issues.


I'd certainly be willing to help although I'm relatively new to this whole prepping lifestyle. Let me know where help's needed.

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We are rolling again; we hope to have a draft ready to proof around the end of March. Then there will be a special spot here just for the manual where members of Mrs. S. can go and print their own copies. The goal is to have this ready so everyone will have their own copies before the shindig at Darlene's next year.


Please be patient we are working just as fast as our little computers will let us.

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Thanks! I couldn't tell from the forum whether the project was ongoing or not! Good to know; let me know if there's anything I can do to contribute.

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DITTO HERE, TOO! Is there anything I can do to contribute?


My own handbook (that I've been working on for over ten years) will probably be published (if there are no more stupid delays) sometime this winter, and there's probably a bunch I can contribute...


Please let me know what I can do to help.



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