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A little bummed out...


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Just found out today one of my brothers, who is 45 has gotten called back to active reserves in the Navy. He will be shipping out to Japan next week. Last time he was in, he was on one of the ships blocking the Straits of Hormuz (sp?) over when the Iran hostage crisis was going on. They contacted him a few months ago and made him an offer. He took it and never thought he would be put back on active duty at his age. He is a grandpa 3 times now. So I'm a little bummed out that he is going again with two hot spots over there right now. And I especially don't like him within shooting range of N. Korea.


So now with my son somewhere over there and a brother on the way...I just felt frown even though I am extremely proud of them both. Is that normal? Do those of you with multiple family members in the service get those feelings too? And if it's not too much trouble...could you add my brother Mike to the service peoples prayer list? Thanks everyone for letting me sound off...



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Quilty, your feeling are normal. We have a DSIL in the active Marines, and a DS just out of the Marines, and both have served in Iraq, (thankfully not at the same time). It can be overwhelming at times, just take a deep breath and pray for peace and understanding. Will be praying for your family along with all of our troops.

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Quilty, I'm so sorry that your brother has been called. You do have a reason to feel the way you do and it is normal.


Yes, some of us here do know how you feel. But right now with Jerry safe and home almost a year, I'm so glad.


We will be praying for both your DS and your brother.


I just hope you can hear from your son or from someone who knows him. thhugdfrommetouanimals-2.gif

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It is normal. I joked with my son that all my gray hairs are because of him. grin You just take one day at a time and I always had the attitude that no news is good news. Some days is hard but it helped.

I also had my husbands grandmother to draw my strength from. Her oldest son was a Korean War vet, and her youngest son was a two tour Viet NAm vet. So I figured if she could endure that, then I surely could endour my sons deployment. I also had better communication than her where she would have to wait for letters, I could at least talk to my son through IM's. Which was great.

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Your feelings are very normal. There are several of us here with multiple family members already deployed or under orders. It's hard not to feel angry, frustrated ect. Those feelings fight a loosing battle with the pride we feel for them. The best thing I can do is remember how hard it was for families during Korea, Vietnam, WWI,and WWII. They had to wait weeks for letters. During Vietnam and Korea I can remember my mother getting phone calls during the night that were from ham radio operators in the US with my dad on the line. Her having to say "over" after she talked stays in my memory. Now, we can "talk" thru IM, e-mail, and every now and then a phone and hear their voices. I have a file with every one of my son's IM's and emails from his first deployment saved in it, soon to have to start a second. My nephew is in the Army in Iraq and yes, I have to agree, I'm a little bummed out too. bighugbighug for you, and praying for son and brother.

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It has to be hard to be no longer in the service and called back. I hadn't thought of this possiblity until recently. My landlords nephew has been out for eight years. He has recently been married and started a family and now has been called back up. He will be shiped out soon and is being sent to Iraq. Now, I don't think there is much chance of me being called back in. I was only a medic at the time and I got out many many years ago, but I have nephews are another possiblity as even the one who has been out of the service the longest, has only been about two years. It got me to thiking about it again. I guess it made brought it further into my thoughts after we lost my one nephew there last month. I started thinking about the danger to the ones still in, but then this got me thinking about the ones who have already gotten out. We are a military family, most of the guys and some of the ladies have served. I just never thought about anyome being called back up before, even though I know it has happened in the past.

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