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At Stephanies request, Blender Tortillas Recipe by arby

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Blender Tortillas


1 1/2 cups water (I use filtered.)


1 cup flour


1/2 cup cornmeal ( you can vary the flours as you choose).


1/4 teaspoon salt


1 egg


Place water, all the dry ingredients and the egg into the water in the blender. Put your blender top on.

Place on blender and zap it awhile.


I use a beautiful high quality teflon pan I have because I can rotate after I pour the thin mix into the pan and spread them out big enough to make a fair sized burrito out of.


Basically its like making pancakes. I use a fairly hot burner, and the water cooks out and leaves a pretty elastic tortilla thats more yellow on one side than the other.. you know what a tortilla looks like in the store, but these are far more elastic. You can set them on paper towels but I find a warm oven , and just putting them on the rack inside the oven while I am making them, is just fine. I immediately use the warm, elastic tortillas with homemade refrieds and cheese or whatever else I want to stuff them with and fold and bake in a pan once they have been made.


I find using a blender is alot cleaner than making by hand, it saves the kitchen and clothes and hands from a big mess.


The teflon pan I have is a high quality past christmas present from my son, so I keep it immaculate and lined with toweling in the cupboard to make it last. It produces such a nice even heat all around, that I love to use it for the tortillas.


P.S. I do want to try some variations on the recipe this coming year. But its a quick bread source and very handy for food fillings.

And I will be working on replacing given away , moved away losses regarding all of my past cast iron stuff..... this is a major prep category I need to fill.



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Leah!!! What a sweetheart you are!!


Somebody asked me for a recipe for these and I didn't have one...only..now I forgot who it was. But I'm also delighted with these. I might mess in them one of these times. I just hadn't gotten around to doing a search on this. What a great gift you just gave me. (I'm SO tired, having a Sjogren's flare up ...your post made my day!)

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Actually, I'm the one who asked you! LOL


I just kept hunting...

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Wow, it certainly would work, the eggs might make it pretty thin and definitely bubbly if you can handle that much egg in the resulting quantity. I think I will stick to one egg however since I have cholesterol problems.

On second thought, using three egg whites would work too.

I guess its worth a try to find out, eh ?

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