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I was sending Mrs Survior waves to all of you.


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Dh and I have been on a bit of an adventure. We started out going to visit our family in Ontario, Canada.

We drove south into ND and continued on east. I had seen it before, but dh hadn't. It was so much fun seeing him enjoy these new experiences.


After visiting family, we decided to carry on East to PEI, toured that island, and took the ferry back to Nova |Scotia. traveled through New Brunswick, and down into Maine. GPS was our constant!!!!! We started working our way back West, staying below the Great Lakes, and traveling across the US.


We learned so much, traveled the "shortest distance" not the fastest, (on the GPS)between places and saw some beautiful country. In every Province and in every State, I wondered who do I know here from Mrs. S.?

I thought Philbe was traveling too and so wished to somehow meet someone from Mrs. S.


That many miles in the truck made for some great "what if" senarios, so we had some conversations around prepping. We also visited some historical sites so that added to the excitement.


DH learned to be more aware of his surroundings, at first he wasn't even paying attention to what street we were parked on or the locations of exits in buildings. I was really surprised when he started checking the hotel windows for security. (It was a sliding glass door, and yes it did have a bar in it.)


We were very fortunate with getting rooms every time we needed one, although one was on the coast in a very resort like area and it was rather expensive. On average we did OK. but will have to stay put now for quite some time.


One lady told us about chicken being on sale for $1.00 per pound. I couldn't take advantage of that but did bring some home at $1.99 per. about three times less than what we pay here.


Anyway, all that to say, I thought of each and every one of you even if we weren't near your State/Province and marveled at the differences/sameness in how we must all prepare.


Best wishes to all of you my friends.



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