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Prepper pick up lines


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I've been around the web a time or 2 and found a few of pick up lines for preppers/ survivalist.
feel free to add you're own.

Let me load your magazine babe.

Come back to my place, we can oil my bazooka.

Your feet must be tired because you been bugging out through my head all night.

Want to bug out?

Do you like camping?

o0o0-BABY! you fill out a set of fatigues real nice!

Hey you want to pitch a tent?

Are you allergic to nuts?

If I tied you up do you think you get loose?

Do you like to shower outside?

Hey baby, I would like to explore your bunker.

Let's armageddon it on.

I think we should practice repopulating the world.

When it comes to you FEMA stands for Feeling Enticed to be Molested Always.

Wanna seen my tin-foil hat? It's next to my tin-foil condom.

I don't need a shelter in my BOB cause you're making a tent in my pants.

I intend to bug out in Virginia. What? Your name is not Virginia?

Wanna go mushroom hunting?

It's kinda cold out. We better press our naked bodies together to survive.

I'll bring the gas mask, you bring the fishnets.

You must be North because my compass is pointing right at you.

Your so hot I would split my preps with you!

I made you a bouquet. Of course it's edible.

Actually this IS an EDC kit in my pocket, but I am still happy to see you.

Any chance I can inspect your cache?

My arrow, your quiver.

Baby I wanna purify your water, nice and clean.

Just like Obama in a panic, I want me some Bush.

That must be canned, cause freeze dried don't shake like that!

Wanna see my lifestraw?

How about if I was the last man on earth? Cause that's right around the corner.

Don't make me have Bobbb articulate why you should be with me.

Is that sarin gas? Quick jump in my pants!

I am a homesteader, so I know my way around a teet.

You are hotter than a solar flare (which will one day wipe out the electrical grid).

Nice BoB's!

Nice #10 cans!

You, me and the End of the world as we know it!

I tried to keep it as clean as I could. Now you can add your own.




Robie :24:

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Does your WIFE know you're looking these up????

NOT a good pickup line, Cat! Sheesh! :grinning-smiley-044:




:24: :24: :24: :24: :24:


You don't really think I'd try to HELP him, do you???? :008Laughing:

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