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New ideas for the kitchen...

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Wow.....so many ideas once you push the video button for the cute chocolate bowls and see what they're doing to cakes in the other videos afterwards... Look at those rainbow bright colored cakes..cupcakes....etc. Pretty!


I do the dimple burgers..can't abide red burger. Baked eggs I'll have to try. And the pizza stone on TOP! Cookies and cream ice cubes....but not for coffee for me. Woven bacon strips....cool!


However, their assessment of eggs is ignorant.....not that the slowly accumulating air inside the shell doesn't tell the progression of the aging of the egg. But properly refrigerated eggs last for MONTHS...proven fact - guess how old your store eggs really are! Use the floating ones first and ....if they're fresh eggs and you haven't candled them....you might want to break them open ..look and sniff. Once they float, it's hard to tell HOW old they are. And ALWAYS break eggs open in a separate bowl....unless you really feel you can afford to risk fouling whatever else is in the bowl with a bad egg. [store eggs have been 'candled' and are less likely to have an 'off' egg]



MtRider :cook:

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I liked the apple Crescent Roses: http://diply.com/different-solutions/delicious-apple-crescent-roses-in-6-easy-steps/23968?lid=n7


or the bacon roses!?! http://diply.com/different-solutions/how-make-bacon-roses-your-meat-lover-video/23794?lid=n7





and the potato ideas. I kept clicking next and got lost in all the ideas.


Thanks Cat.

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