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Water-related Diseases, Contaminants, and Injuries By Type

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All the possible water borne diseases. This page is a list of the types of water borne diseases to be found on the CDC site. Each item has multiple links to follow for additional information. (Link found thanks to Patriot Nurse.)


Bacterial Diseases and Contaminants Parasitic Diseases and Contaminants
Viral Diseases and Contaminants Chemical Diseases and Contaminants


Other Diseases, Contaminants, and Injuries




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Started our "regiment" of daily doses of Vit. C, Echinacea, Potassium, Cal/Mag in addition to our regular supplements. I also have a small roller-ball bottle (from health food store) that I keep my own recipe of thieves oil in and rub a bit on my tummy every morning and every evening. MrWE2 gets his dab on the soles of his feet :-)

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Wow. It's a wonder we even live.


Unless I'm reading it wrong it said you can get lice from being in water? One time my FIL was laying on the floor watching TV. His niece came over with a couple of her kids. One of the kids snuggled up in FIL's arm pit and fell asleep and took a nap with him. Guess who woke up with lice in his arm pit hair? He was so mad he couldn't see straight. Not at the little girl but at her mother. It was before I joined the family and he would get mad every time he told the story. He had to shave his pits.


One of his sister-in-laws brought two of her kids over to their house when they were remodeling. They kept scratching and he asked them if they got into to some poison ivy because he had some Calamine lotion. Their mom said, "No, they just got the scabies". Both families were from my Mil side. Stupid people. Whats ya gonna do. Gotta love em...illegal to shoot em.


I digressed...


The other day I read where a young girl died from that brain eating virus. She had been swimming but I don't remember where. Somewhere in the east. Another young girl died from it about a month ago. She had been swimming too.

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