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18th Century Milk Pancakes

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Oh yes!  I love 18th century recipes....before processed foods were all over the place (though you did have to keep an eye on what the merchants were selling, because adulteration was not unusual.....This looks delicious.  Tomorrows Breakfast, I think, with the peach jelly that didn't gel for me last autumn.....

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I went to the home site this was from and it was FILLED with wonderful old recipes!  I saved a whole bunch.....



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A reminder...  The ICSArchive took over our 'paperback book' section a few years ago.  If you do not remember it, there is a verified public domain cookbook collection, most in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Let me do a quick dig for the url...    http://www.icsarchive.org/icsarchive-org/paperback/cookbooks/


Wave when you visit, the Archivist is a 'goodun'.



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