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Pastry Cloth question

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Growing up I remember my grandma using a pastry cloth when baking, and I do remember having one myself when I was younger. It seems lately that they have fallen out of use. I've tried picking one up at local big box stores and none of them seem to carry one in store.


Even searching blogs and articles online, it doesn't seem like they are to common anymore. So question, do you use one, why or why not?  If you don't use one, how do you clean your counters off before rolling something out, or kneading bread on the counter?

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Hi Joan,


I haven't used one, however, after reading up on them, I want one now.  :rolleyes:  


Generally, I use a large cutting board that fits over my sink, to knead breads and such, and a marble cutting board for making pastry.  I clean them like I any other dish.  Scrub with dish soap, rinse thoroughly and dry. 



This article was very interesting, including the comments at the bottom.  :pc_coffee:




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Thanks Annarchy, that is one site that didn't come up when I was searching. How large is your marble cutting board? I mainly asking since the most common pastry I make are crossiants, and that requires a long rectangle, and I haven't seen one that size (Plus wouldn't have a place to put one that size either)


The cutting board you use for kneading bread, is it wooden or a different material? I'm thinking about getting a pastry board, but have not decided yet.

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My wooden cutting board, I made from a pine plank. Sanded and oiled it, over 20 years ago. I want to get a piece of hickory and make another one. 


I don't remember where I got the marble one. Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe, years ago. I have to use a bread knife to remove the pastry dough, but 'cause it stays cool , it works. 


Here's a of my 2' board and the marble on top. 


(I love to cook, can you tell?  LOL)


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I ended up finding one in a store on Sunday. I was very glad I had it, since yesterday I made flour tortillas to have with dinner, and they would have definitely stuck to the counter. Looking forward to getting many uses out of it.


Slightly off topic, how in the world do I clean burnt flour of a stainless steel frying pan?

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