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Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

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Whew.  Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. :sigh:

These are the last of the pictures I took on the last trip.  :D


Somewhere on this site we were talking about kitchen cabinet 'drawers' and I mentioned that I had some and would take pictures of them the next time I was over there. So I did. I wasn't explaining the concept very well. They are very convenient because my 5'-2" frame is shrinking and now I can barely reach the second shelf in my upper cabinets. I can't reach the middle of them at all without a step stool. The drawers were there when I bought the place so I can't take credit for them. But I do like them.


Once again the walls are a smokey gray green and not white or lilac. And the dishwasher is really stainless steal...in my hopes and dreams. 





Drawer 1. Cutlery.



Drawer 2.  Dishes



Drawer 3. Large serving bowls and platters



Drawers Open.



They are right next to the dishwasher and the middle dish drawer is a little below hip level. The little box in the bottom drawer is pegs. I lined the bottom of the drawers with peg board with the thought of putting pegs between the dishes to keep them from crashing into each other and moving around. Turns out I didn't need the pegs. The dishes don't move. :shrug:   I have new pulls for the drawers but for the life of me I can't find them. 


BTW, the dishes aren't new. I've had them well over 15 years. I got them at the Ohio Station Outlet mall at the Correll outlet dish shop about 45 minutes from me. Nice but.. Cheap!


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I love mine too and for the same reason. Lightweight and durable. I have yet to break one even though I have dropped them. The one I really like the most is the soup plate. It's like a plate with raised rim around it. Perfect for spaghetti and slippery things. I use that and the regular soup bowl 99% of the time. 



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I also have the corral dishes. I got mine at the outlets in Nags head NC. Love them. I don't have the deep drawers you have Jeepers, but when I started putting things away after construction. I put the dishes in a cabinet that has the pull-out shelving units. It works great for me. I also am short and need a step stool to reach things in the upper cabinets. I think I have shrunk about 2 inches, and I was only 5 ft. tall. Took after my grandmother who also was short. They say I look just like her. When my aunt remodeled the kitchen at my grandmother's house, she kept the fact in mind when she had new cabinets put in. Made for short people.  I could easily reach the bottom 2 shelves in that kitchen. 

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Outlet Correll dishes must be popular!  :24:


I'm trying to set up the house for my old-er age. Not only for convenience but for safety. The less I have to reach up or stand on a step stool the better. My balance is failing me. I never could figure out why they made kitchen cabinets so tall. I guess they really aren't that tall for 'normal' people. I don't think those drawers were made for dishes but it's working out well. As I said, I can't take credit for them, but I sure do appreciate them. 


My grandma was 5'-0"   My mom was 5'-1"   I came out to be a whopping 5'-2"   But I'm sure I've lost an inch.   My son is 6'-2" :o

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I have those deep plate bowls.  They are great for many things.   I have a few older patterns I collect, but my main set has a blue line around the rim, I think it is called classic cafe.   


The house I lived in Vicksburg with my ex had lower cabinets that opened and the shelves rolled out.  It was amazing.  


These are my plate bowls with tomato soup:  I also use them when I make stirfry or curry or such.  They are great for keeping the  rice and sauce from getting everywhere.  



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Those are so pretty. I got the beige ones thinking I could layer them with a patterned piece. I never got around to it though. Mostly because I have service for 12 and I seem to use the same two kind (soup plate and bowl) all of the time. But you are right, those plates are good for about everything. I tend to sit in a chair in the family room while I eat while holding a dish (perks of living alone :sEm_blush:) so those plates with a rim are very useful for me. I bought some of the regular plates and they look huge next to these. And flat. 

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