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Outdated Milk

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I have milk dated the 18th.  It's still good but I need to use it for something.  I usually make creamed eggs on toast or creamed chip beef on toast.  With the price of eggs, it'll be chipped beef today.  I could use it to make a pie for Wednesday, but I like 1/2 and 1/2 or evaporated milk for those.  Plain 2% milk doesn't seem as creamy.


I know I could freeze it but then I have to give it 2 or 3 days to thaw, and I don't seem to think that far ahead. 


Any suggestions on what you use outdated milk for? 



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Like you I make a white sauce and if enough I use it to make biscuits to go with it.   Or I use it to make vinegar cheese (quark).  The whey left over from the cheese I can also use in biscuits or other baked goods calling for milk. 

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homemade yogurt, sour cream, quark

Salad dressing like ranch

Soup (cheese & milk with meat and veggies)

pudding, custard, flan

pudding pops (make pudding, freeze it in paper cups, ice cube trays, popsicle molds, or silicone muffin pans.)

Ice cream


Scalloped/ Au gratin Potatoes, macaroni and cheese

Rice Pudding or various savory rice dishes using milk (mostly Thai)

Cornbread or regular bread

pancakes, waffles, french toast

chocolate or strawberry milk, milkshake, smoothie, in coffee or tea

Milk or sausage gravy, alfredo or bechamel sauce


You can turn milk into SCM by adding sugar 1/4c sugar per 1c milk and cooking it slowly for about an hour.   Evaporated is to double the milk and cook it down.   Then you would have the ratio for the pie you like.  Fat makes things creamy so that is the reason why 2% isn't.   To make 2% full fat, 1T melted butter and milk to make 1c.  Half and half is 2T butter per cup 2% or 1T per whole milk.  If you have cream, you can do 1/4c cream to 3/4c whole milk to make half and half.   So to use cream and 2% to get whole, you would need to do more like 2T cream and 2% milk to make a cup to get whole milk or 6T cream and milk to make a cup for half and half.  


Using these substitutes, you can make whatever you want.  To incorporate the melted, cooled butter into the milk, use a stick blender or a regular blender.  I usually do a stick blender in a wide mouth mason jar for ease of use.  

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