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Not So Green Genergy

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Depending on how big they are and how old they are and who you talk to, the turbines can take as little as 60 gallon or as much as hundreds.  Lots of truths and untruths out there but the consensus is that they DO leak, a lot.  Do they ever pay for themselves?  :shrug:

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They want to put them all up and down the East Coast. We are fighting it. For one it will kill off the fish and birds that fly into them. I don't know how the Navy and Coast Guard feels about that but I do know at one time the Navy in both VA and NC was fighting it. There was something I was watching on TV about a magnetic something or other that would also be a danger. There is nothing green about these. 

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The ones in Loja paid for themselves long ago and are going strong, generating roughly a quarter of the electricity used in the region.  Bear in mind, the area has a strong tradition of metal tinkerers and fixit people, so maintenance is different here.  Electric needs are different too, between the lack of need for (much) heating or air conditioning and the huge windows and skylights everywhere.

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I'd believe that they do much better in mountainous places like Loja or desert places like AZ than say...Jackson MS or Chesapeake, VA.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  They do leak though.  And that has to be fixed and causses contamination issues. Burning fossil fuels causes contamination issues of a different sort.  All things have downsides.  

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