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  1. Started storming around 6 this evening and it's been really rough all around us. So far all we've had is rain and warnings for flood. Nearly all the campgrounds in the Lake of the Ozarks area are flooded out and the race track at Wheatland, Missouri was hit by a tornado...according to the news across that area. We watch weather etc., for a 4 state tri-angle to make sure we're "alert" and can usually see bad stuff coming long before it gets to us. Our NOAA radio has been sounding off all evening and probably will all night. Not much sleep tonight if it does. Hope all our friends in these disaster areas are safe.
  2. Hubby's got the van just about done, should be by tomorrow...but...the friend has pulled a tractor (which he has the right to do) in front of the garage door and took the wheel off to get it repaired. Said hopefully he could get it fixed this weekend ... so...we're stuck until he does. Hubby got nearly all the insulation put into the homestead's new bathroom. He'll have to wait for good weather before he can do much to the ceiling since he's putting in a "fart fan" and will have to open a place in the roof since it's never had one.
  3. She's showing up a bit after 5pm...to let him out and feed him. Today she even brushed some of his awful winter shed that hubby mentioned needed to be done because of the heat! She only stayed about 15 minutes though, and there were two other pickups that parked in her drive. Not sure what was going on, but told hubby it wouldn't surprise me if she told her "dude" and her brothers about "that old fart next door" getting into her business. We don't know if she's stopping by in the mornings...we don't hear her. Poor pooch...if not...he holds it all night, all the next day until she "drops in". I just wish the little fella would dig himself out of the kennel ...we know he can (and has) slipped under our side of the fence and taken off. She's always put an ad in the paper and hauled him back. Maybe she wouldn't if he got out now???
  4. Been wondering about these symptoms...anxiety can also mimic.
  5. NOAA radio just alerted us. There's a severe thunderstorm southwest of us. Probably will dump some heavy rain on us. It's doing a lot of thundering and raining already, and this front is about 100 miles away.
  6. Hubby prepped the van for the last step of putting on the tape (I think?) while I washed our winter comforter etc. Then we went to homestead and he dug out the ditch out front a bit more. We're still having issues with the neighbor lady's teenage boys and their friends. They park on their side of the road, but it blocks us from being able to back out of our driveway. Our road is extremely narrow and our side is a ditch and their side is a sloping embankment. While hubby was digging one their friends pulled up and totally blocked us from being able to back out, so hubby confronted him and ask him to pull further up. Begrudgingly he did. So...I called our city's traffic advisory and ask them to consider not letting anyone park on either side of the road. I told her "in an emergency, we need to be able to get out and others to get in". So she's put us on the agenda and said they will go take a look at the situation and that they would probably take it up in June...maybe July...but seemed to be familiar with our road. Like I told her, "you cut limbs off our big maple tree out front because they could damage fire trucks...well...a fire truck couldn't even get down the road with all these vehicles parked the whole block." I assured her we didn't want to cause any trouble because we know she's got her hands full, but we also need to know our property and safety is not being placed in danger. Guess this has been a day of confrontation?
  7. Slugger update...owner finally showed up with a bag of dog food. Hubby went out and confronted her. She admitted that she has lost her job, moved in with a "friend" ( a dude) and is "looking for a home for Slugger". We've called several people we know that "might" take him and have come up zero. The one lady we felt really would have taken him...and said she would ...but she's moving in with her sister in another small town and selling her house here. We just can't re-home him because we'd be in the same situation. He'd have to stay in his kennel (which we would insist come with him) and us run back and forth to feed, water and pay him some attention. She says she can't take him with her (even though she took the two small yorkies) because he has "aggression issues" with her room mate's shepherd. The fact is probably two reasons. Slugger felt he was protecting her, and our city says if you own more than 3 dogs you must have a kennel license. I just pray that his new owner will show up soon. At least he's being fed and watered now...but still out there in that stinkin' kennel...and it's been storming like crazy around here all evening. He's huddled in his dog house...alone...and lonesome I am sure. We can't even go into her yard (trespassing?) and let him out in the yard for awhile and play with him. If he got away from us we could be sued. Anyone that's in that much of a financial state might very well take advantage of sueing somebody. Now that we've confronted her, if we called the shelter she'd know who did it. Hubby even told her "his life is miserable...you probably should consider just putting him down". She didn't like that one bit!
  8. We serve a mighty God my online friend, and He's preparing a path for you to walk of this I am sure.
  9. We have come to the conclusion that this will definitely be our method of operation! We may have a couple of raised beds and of course, our berry bushes, but everything else will be "Leon Style"! PS...when we get Miss B out of the garage we want to take a weekender to his place and sit in on one of his seminars.
  10. Anything we can do to lessen our foot print is good!
  11. Defrosted a large ham, sliced it into sandwich thick slices, and got five bags (10 slices in each bag) total. Three went into freezer and two into the frig. We enjoy ham sandwiches. Cost of the ham 3 years ago (in the deep freeze)? 3.76 at one of the Mennonite stores. Hubby did the slicing (he sees better close up) and I did the bagging etc. Then we worked a bit more on the van and then did some yard work (on the stopped up driveway whistle) at the homestead. He used his welder to make a long "hook" and attached it to a pole and unstopped as far as he could reach. He'll need a longer pole. It appears that some of the things that went into the whistle and didn't go on through, have sprouted and clogged. What he did pull out is some really rich looking compost though! LOL I had myself a good cry though this afternoon when hubby left. Our neighbor has a dog that is so neglected and it's gotten REALLY bad this past month. Don't know what the circumstaces are, but she apparently isn't living in the house. She "was" coming every morning to feed him, water him and let him out to do his biz. But that seems to have ceased. We haven't seen or heard her come of go for 2 days now. We used to be able to always tell because when she'd lock her car door it would beep, and he (Slugger) would start crying out for her. We haven't heard him or her "beep". Today was just about more than I could take. When hubby left to go back to work, the poor dog started crying and pacing back and forth in his prison...a 4x8 kennel with a small dog house and a tarp stretched over the top. I looked out to see if her car was in the drive...no. He kept crying and pacing and then finally hiked his leg and p's out through his "prison" kennel. So I came in and had myself a good cry. I'm going to keep a closer watch and if I'm mistaken and she is coming to meet his "basic" needs...there's nothing I can do. But if it begins to look like he's starving etc., I'm going to call our local shelter and report her. Normally I would mind my own business but this is the sweetest little fella (a lab/shephard mix) that needs a farm home. She can't keep him in her back yard because he gets out...used to...so he's confined to his "prison". He's been shaking his head a lot so I'm betting he's got ear problems. He's been shedding his long hair (it's been very hot and humid) so has big clumps hanging off him. With all this rain his "prison" is nothing but a lob lolly of mud and a bit of left over straw that she had put down earlier in the year. Gotta get off this subject for right now. I laid awake nearly all night "listening" for her "beep" or his cry to his "owner"...if that's what you want to call her. She has two tiny yorkies that she has taken with her, wherever she's gone to. She changes boy friends a lot so we're thinking she's moved in with him and he won't let her have Slugger.
  12. Hubby took the truck in to have the new back tires put on...ouch$$$ I worked on my "rescheduled" routine of getting more laundry done. My dryer doesn't work like it should so I can only put in 4 or 5 items at a time and "hope" that nothing gets caught in the "fins" and scorches. I "bag" the white's and delicates but can't do that with work clothes etc. Funny how those once "super duper" washers and dryers are really not so "super duper'. The front loader crapped out and couldn't be repaired. This matching dryer grabs articles of clothing in a certain fin and gets hung up and therefore scorches it so I have to watch it very carefully and certainly not put much in it. I also use 3 tennis balls to help keep "banging" things around. Fixed the left over ham and beans and left over cornbread for supper tonight. EZPZ! Nice since it's so hot. Made a trip to the homestead so he could unload his tools and I watered plants. First thing our brat did was run to a spot and start to roll ... we were watching and told her "Abby, leave it!" and when we checked it was what was left of a bird??? Anyway I piked a piece of plantain and picked it up and gave it a toss across the fence to the ditch. Also grabbed my 13 gallon trash bags and pulled several stems of poison ivy that was growing across the front area at the base of the raised and covered front porch. There's probably going to be a few more that surface but I'll wait until they're tall enough for me to "bag and pull"! I always go in and wash my hands and arms (even though I do use gloves and the bag) 4 or 5 times with a de-greaser type soap ... just in case something might have touched my arms above my gloves. Hate to throw away gloves but that's why we buy them. Nitril gloves. Hubby doesn't mess with the stuff because he's so reactive to it, but Lord willing I haven't had any trouble as long as I follow the "bag it" rules. Came home and took a nice cool shower and let the hair "air dry" since it's so hot. The homestead house has so many wonderful windows and ceiling fans in every room (even the kitchen) that we probably won't even need a/c once we're moved. Here...the windows are old and nearly all can't be opened. So it's the kitchen and front door/storm screen and ceiling fans. Hubby got the mowing done here and also at the Roost. Now...it's time for the homestead again! He'll probably work on the van tomorrow. It will be so good to have my Miss B home!
  13. When you don't have a/c other than a window unit that doesn't go in until it starts staying hot...one really does appreciate not heating up the kitchen!
  14. Probably because most of those "robos" are from other states or countries!?
  15. For our friend and his wife...
  16. I watched a news program (the only one we watch) and they were saying that the powers that be are wanting to pass a bill that enables internet/phone providers to block all robo calls. There was a mixed discussion, but personally I think it might be a good thing...especially for the really senior's who get confused easily. Had some joker call a day or so ago and ask for my hubby. I asked "who's calling?" and he said "I'm sorry for security reasons my screen..." and hung up! LOL
  17. The WE2's


    Anny...not sure which button to push...the angry one or the like...or maybe a thumbs up? Or ???
  18. MTR...Believing your body will adjust to the new "you" very soon!
  19. Finished up the rest of that 50# bag of potatoes! I cubed them up, fried them in the air fryer, let them cool, bagged them up and most of them are in the freezer. Kept 3 bags in frig for our breakfast. EZPZ! Each bag will do us for a meal. Hubby finished up client's job and had another call to come change light bulbs from old style to LED. Getting a bit humid tonight. There's storms around so it's affecting us here. No a/c here so window, storm door screens open, ceiling fans on...and down to light weight clothes. Abby-girl is laying in front of our little occilating fan we keep blowing toward her bed.
  20. "When" we get moved and I'm gardening again, I'd like to plant a bit extra to let people come pick some of the produce that I don't plan to jar up. Put a few dollars back into the gardening "purse".
  21. Did some of our regular laundry. Got a bit behind with all the ruckus of life, but it won't go any place. Sort of changed my routine a bit and did the vacuuming today rather than Thursday's. I think I'll change a lot of my home chore routine's since the weather is getting warmer. Hubby should be finished with his work project sometime tomorrow and he'll be able to pay the furnace company that gave him the "knowledge" to repair our own furnace at the homestead. The weather was pretty nice but may get some rain later tonight, but who knows? Didn't do any work on the potatoes. I needed to have more pint jars and they're at the homestead. Hubby has his hands full and I just forgot to get them last night while we were there. Fixed some "Frito Burritos" for supper tonight, and had a little "pineapple" cake with some ice cream/cherries. We cover the burrito with queso and salsa. I did the cake in the air fryer using one of my little corning ware pans. Love the air fryer and my corning ware!
  22. The WE2's


    Insurance companies are NOT in the business of paying claims...they are in the business because they DON'T!
  23. Took some things over to the homestead house, to check our mail there, water the plants and do our usual "walk around". Abby-girl was really a stinker! Literally! She rolled in something "dead"? and stuck to high heaven. So...she ate her supper outside and then we mixed up a spray bottle of Dr. Wood's liquid Lavender soap with a bit of apple cider vinegar and gave her a thorough brushing. Then we got spend about 10 minutes in her kennel. Then we filled our garden sprayer and she got a thorough rinsing, then a rub down, then a hair dryer spa! She wasn't too thrilled about the hair dryer thing...but...it was that or else. Naughty stinky girl!
  24. We went out to eat Saturday...to Golden Corral...my mom's favorite place to eat. So that's how we celebrated for her and myself. Weather around here can't make up it's mind what it wants to do! Our friend that went camping had the electrical plug on her RV blow so she and her other guests spent the night cold. Guess she plugged in a ceramic heater (ok) and then used her microwave (not ok) ... all pulling at the same time. So we did the cowardly thing and didn't go see them We knew we'd all be stuck inside (it was raining) and with no electricity, and Abby-girl with wet paws... Anyway...she didn't stay Saturday night anyway. Said she didn't want to spend another cold night and her guests headed for their city home.
  25. We also stuck the $Tree "wind mills" in the containers to keep birds etc. away. Lots of ways to run the critters off.
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