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  1. So, as of yesterday, we were below freezing for the longest time since they started recording. Power grid is definitely not reliable. Just because it's on now doesn't mean it will be on later. Ditto for internet and water. Yes, there are places you can go to warm up, but the operative word is GO - if you can't drive in it, you're not going anywhere. A single 20-lb propane tank and 2.5 gallons of gas in the generator (it holds 5) come pretty close to heating the camper overnight in sub-zero temperatures. 1 night, we still had propane in the morning, the next night, it ran out before we got up. Whoever is filling the generator and swapping the tanks is going to have stinky gloves and hands. Have a container ready for the gloves. Need to figure out how to get the smell off hands. You can't do laundry in the washer and dryer if you don't have power and water. Toilets aren't going to flush either, unless you add a LOT of water. If you're on a well, you'll be lucky if it thaws out and works fine. If it doesn't work at first once the power is back on, let the heat tape run for a few hours and try again. Just go ahead and start keeping a few sets of clothing in the camper. Replace the camper before it finishes falling apart (this is bad - it's not very old at all, and the main door is splitting so we all had to use the bedroom door). Store more old towels in the camper if the weather is wet; more if it's snowy. You'll need them to mop up the floor and keep the shoes on. Hot coffee draws people in more than a warm place does. Some people are introverted enough that they will stay in a sub-freezing house rather than stay with anybody else. Figure out a better way to heat the in-laws' house if something similar happens again. (They used our 2 propane heaters that we normally use on the front porch; not too worried about CO poisoning in their house as it's a 30-year-old mobile home that's so drafty, it's ridiculous). Plan ahead. Fill ALL the propane tanks ahead of time next time. The big propane place in town had a line of 70-80 cars. Most smaller stations didn't have power, and if they did, they were out of propane. Some things can't be found for money, but they can be found for love (or at least like - was given access to 2 more full propane tanks if needed). We should make (and have printed out somewhere) checklists for when the power goes out. Things to do immediately, after a few hours, if it comes back on for a bit, etc. Will add to this as I think of more.
  2. *hugs LittleSister* (Digital hugs are socially distanced!)
  3. Power has been on all day, then went off for about 5 minutes. If we can finish drying the load of clothes (sorry y'all, undies are a priority!), I'll be happy. Going to spend the night in the camper again because we'd rather do that than have to go out at 2am and hook up the generator and all that fun in the cold and dark.
  4. Woohoo! I earned my salary today. Figured out how to send a congregation-wide text message. Now I'll be getting responses for the next 3 days.
  5. Psh. Pretty certain the problem is that we don't have sustainable farming practices for enough of the beef we eat. If we were all eating grass-fed pastured cows and used the manure for fertilizer, you wouldn't have the excess amounts of methane build-up you get from a feedlot.
  6. Even without being able to reach outside the affected area, walkie-talkies can still be useful to talk to the houses around you and see what's going on or find out if anybody needs help. We should probably run one over to the in-laws in case the cell phones go out again. Otherwise, I think you're looking at a ham radio at that point.
  7. Oh yeah! I keep saying I should go start my car (and let it run for a bit, right?). We've only been using the truck since the streets are iced over.
  8. We have friends who are staying in their tents in their living rooms. We also have friends who slept out in their car because they could at least run their heater. I do need to get a battery-operated CO detector for when we use the propane heaters inside the house.
  9. I'm planning on awesome deals on bigger generators at the pawn shops this summer, if not sooner. Luckily, we're not going to really get the second round of weather so hard as the eastern part of the state. As long as we can keep gas going in the generator, we should be alright out in the camper. It would be lovely if we could get more propane, but at this point we may just use the electric heaters and only use the last tank or 2 of propane for cooking. Power is on again in the house. I think I'm going to go get the dishes out of the camper, bring them in and wash them, then see about refilling the gas cans. A friend just said that a pipe froze and burst over her garage, so we might have to go do a rescue mission (or at least find a camp stove and 1 or 2 of the tiny bottles of propane to take to her - she said she has plenty of food, but it's all frozen!). Edited to add: The only reason we're running out of propane is because you can't get it for money - nobody has any. The one supplier in town had a line of about 70-80 cars, I'd guess. Luckily, I have people who love me (or at least like me), which is why we currently have 2 full tanks.
  10. Our power has been on for several hours now. *crosses fingers, but still investigates getting more propane*
  11. Power came back on for a few hours this afternoon, then off again. Well was frozen, but thawed out with a few hours of heat tape. Planning to camp out in the trailer again tonight. Was able to round up another bottle of propane. Hubby thinks we're good for another 2 nights.
  12. Power has been out since around 3 am yesterday. Luckily, we have a camper, a generator, and propane tanks. Will need to get more propane today. Maybe after this, hubby will decide to listen to me when I ask about refilling propane before a storm. We could have 5, but instead, we only have 2 full and a partial on the grill. They did last through the night, though. If worst comes to worst, he can go trade some out at his work.
  13. My app says the low for tonight is -0.
  14. You can play them on a computer but I don't believe you can make a CD. Then again, my car and computer don't even have CD players, so it's a moot point for me.
  15. If you have Verizon with the slightly higher data plans, you get free Apple Music, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN. The difference more than pays for itself, and I have tons of music available and hubby gets to watch The Mandalorian.
  16. Have you checked behind the couch?
  17. My brain isn't thinking bragging rights. My brain is thinking "Proof of concept" for future work.
  18. If I stick my head in the sand, then I'm alone with my own thoughts. Those things need to get out of my brain and onto paper. Pretty certain that I have the answers to world peace, where Jimmy Hoffa ended up, and our finances all stuck in there somewhere.
  19. Perhaps from the company that's now Anchor-Hocking?
  20. I get the frigid cold and the furnace. Lucky me!
  21. We're supposed to get down to 0. Not supposed to be above freezing again until Tuesday. No historical fiction here; I'm bouncing between Tiago Forte (personal knowledge management - ie, organizing your thoughts and resources), Nir Eyal (Indistractable - because attention is going to be the new currency), and Dr. David Perlmutter (Brain Wash - Rewiring your brain out of the digital phase). Hmmmm. Seems to be a theme here.
  22. Chairs. We had to go hook up the generator to get my mother-in-law out of hers when the power went out yesterday.
  23. We're not due to get above freezing again until Tuesday.
  24. Funny thing is, that's what I've said I miss the most about being able to eat gluten. I can't just go with the flow and eat whatever, wherever, and whenever.
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