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  1. Hi Kelly, this is Kully.. Last night we had breakfast, bacon, grits, biscuits, scrambled eggs, jelly..I can never get enough bacon for my oldest boy,,haha. but at least the picky one ate well.
  2. kully

    New BBB

    Oh I need one!! My old copy is getting pretty ragged. Thanks for letting us know. Hope you are feeling better.
  3. don't know if there are "official" measurements for these , but a friend gave me a set of these once. I didn't use them and eventually got rid of them. Cute little gift ,tho. (for a Sunday School Christmas party)
  4. I got out a few of my cookbooks yesterday and decided to cook a big meal for a change. Home canned peas, cornbread, sweet potato casserole, rice with beef stew to put over it, lemon icebox pie, tea Everyone enjoyed it, except my picky boy. the oldest boy asked me to cook it again today. Ha, no one offered to help clean the kitchen tho. Maybe I'll cook again- ----next week----maybe............
  5. 4 qt. chicken, 3 qt broth-----one canner full. now thinking about some dry beans,,maybe a canner of them. :Once I mixed up 6 kinds of beans and did my own 6-bean soup, that was good' when my boys were little they weren't big fans of beans , so Mama had to use a little trick . I called them Batman and Robin beans. (2 kinds of beans mixed) they each chose a bean and raced to see which one could eat the most.. Haha Now I'd use that same trick on my picky eater and call them The Avengers, but he's too smart for me , that boy won't fall for that trick.
  6. Jeepers, this is the one, glad you found it for me. Now I have put both of them on my wish list. Do you know anyone who grants wishes?
  7. Sass, if you love a good storm ,you should get a copy of "One Stormy Night" by the Mystic Moods Orchestra. I had a vinyl record and wore it out, playing every night. (not going to tell you what year or you will know I am ancient) We had speakers all over the house and my kids really loved to go to sleep with this record. Wish I could find a tape now. I think I will look for one, Been a long time since I thought of this record. Getting ready for an Easter egg hunt for all my great grands and some of their friends. Happy Easter friends. I wish all the world could be thankful for
  8. "Mud Sale" hmmm, Jeepers you talkin' 'bout my front yard?
  9. Still trying to get some order in this very disorganized house. Threw away 10 items today,, a few days of that should help.. Also trying to get a little canning done but I'm really, really down today. I think I'll just go to bed with my Kindle. To heck with everything else.
  10. 14 pt. blackeyed peas, 2 pt. bacon, 7 qt. chicken spaghetti mix.... this is the first time I've canned bacon... it looks good..... I will try it soon and if its good I'll try to can some more. (if I can get some sales, haha)
  11. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cornbread, iced tea, banana pudding. Of course,"picky boy" only ate the chicken and the pudding, cause he is so picky. Boy he is so hard to feed, but everyone else sure enjoyed it. We had a visitor and she enjoyed a home cooked meal. Last evening I cooked turnip green soup and cornbread. I think today I'll can the leftovers. It makes a huge pot of soup and sometimes I want a much smaller amount. Have some in the freezer in small containers ,but I want to see how it cans. Guess I should half the recipe when I make it. I'm also g
  12. Thanks MR, Jeepers, and WE'2. I don't know if the emergency vent was open or not. I just turned off the heat and ran back into the other room, too scared to do much looking. Anyway I may have had the heat too high. I'll be sure to watch that from now on. I'll feed the chicken to the cats and just dispose of the soup. Ive had another jar come unsealed so something was really wrong with that batch. I know the chicken is still good enough that I won't poison my cats...They've already eaten the 2 jars that are already open.
  13. Little bit of canning today. 4 pt chicken and 4 pt hamburger vegetable soup.. Had a little problem tho. right after pressure came up, there was a long, loud screetch, like a very loud teapot or maybe a smoke alarm. It scared me so bad. I thought it was going to explode. I ran into the kitchen and turned off the fire under the canner. I let the pressure go down and opened the canner, couldn't see anything wrong. So I started the whole process again. No more problems . So someone please tell me what happened! Has this ever happened to you? 2 jars of chicken didn't seal, but I will keep
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