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Time to update the prayer list for those in the services


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Our son Jerry is still in the service, and has been home for over a year now.


We need to make a list of those who are still in Iraq, and/or away from home as well as those who are home now.


Please let us know who you have in the service and if they are home or not.






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Okay, here's my list...


1. Jerry-son. Location unknown due to opsec. We got the 5 second phone call before Thanksgiving. "Hi. I'm doing okay." That was it.


2. Michael-brother. Singapore-Navy.


3. John-foster son. Iraq for 3rd tour. Left right before Christmas and will be gone for 15 months.


I want to thank those that continue to pray for our forces, where ever they may be. It is a comfort that I cannot explain. It touches us dearly.



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My family is definately a military family.


Nephew David: Iraq...also wife pregnant and will deliver while he is there


Nephew Brian: currently stateside but will be in Iraq by March. He is David's brother and also has a wife who will deliver about the same time as David's wife. They told their mom on her birthday and now she is pulled as to whether to go to Ft. Polk where David's wife is for her delivery or to stay here for Brian's wife when she delivers


Nephew Bill: being deployed to Iraq (3rd tour) in March


Nephew Josh: Currently Germany but also being deployed in March to Iraq. He will need extra prayers as he is with the MP's and just "graduated" to a bomb dog so he is in for risky work. This will be his fourth tour, he was injured on tour number two.


Nephew Vern: currently in Colorado, but will be deployed in March


Nephew Nathan: Brother to Vern, being Deployed in Febuary. Vern and Nathan are brothers to my nephew Justin that was killed in August. So this will be really tough on their family. I can't imagine being a parent sending sons over there after losing one.


As of this week, that is the last count for my family. As you can see we are a military family.



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I didn't mention that my nephew Joe, is either back in Iraq, or will be going back in January.


Q., I know it has to be so very hard for you, knowing where he is, but not knowing where he is. frown I'm so glad he was able to at least give you that few minutes call.


Deb2of9 THANKYOUSNOWFLAKES.jpg for adding your family names here too.


Please everyone, PRAYFOROURMILITARY.jpg .



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AMEN to Skagit's prayer. Father we do humble our hearts in praise to you for what you have done and ask that a swift and lasting peace come to that region. We ask that we be used as your instruments to plant seeds there for you, We ask this in Your Son's Precious Name.

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My nephew Darby, in the Army, in Iraq pulling a 15 monthtour and My son Alex, in the Air Force due to leavin in Feburary to Iraq for tour # 2.

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Somehow I missed this when it was first posted.


My nephew D.J. has been in Iraq since 9/11 (we hated the date that he was to go) but is expected back in March or April. He is a career Marine so I think this is his third tour over there.



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