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Stuffed Snake Recipe


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Stuffed Snake Recipe


~ 1 - 3 ft. or longer Snake.........land or sea snake

~ 1 cup dried cornbread cubes

~ 1 tbsp oil

~ 1/2 cup beef stock

~ 1/2 stalk of celery, chopped

~ 1/2 onion,chopped

~ 1 tbsp Jack Daniels whiskey

~ 1 cup molasses

~ 1 cherry tomato


Slice down belly of snake from bottom of jaw to tail with a shallow cut. Gut the snake and throw away internals. Run gutted snake under warm tap water and remove extra blood.


In a mixing bowl, mix cornbread cubes, oil, beef stock, celery and onion. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste.


Roll stuffing into a tube (snake) shape and insert along the inside of snake. Close up skin and sew together with cooking twine in a zig-zag pattern.


In a small mixing bowl, mix Jack Daniels and molasses. Set aside.


Place snake in a casserole dish. Make sure snake does not overlap as uneven cooking will occur.


With a cooking brush, brush snake with Jack Daniels glaze. Pour extra glaze around the snake in the casserole dish.


Place casserole dish into 275 degree oven for an hour and a half or until tender.


Remove casserole dish from oven and prop open snake's mouth. Place cherry tomato in mouth for appearance.


Serve with a spicy white wine and Enjoy!



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Hmmnn...Baked Mocassin...can't be any worse than some of the other things I've eaten over the years...might be appropriate revenge for them getting in my fish basket hanging over the side of the boat (yep, it happens)...I guess I could sorta curl it around like a length of boudin in a baking dish...

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