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Now this would NOT be helpful if the power goes out... but as long as you have a freezer...


I make up a strong batch of the herbal lung tea we use, then pour it into ice cube trays & freeze, pop out cubes and store in a freezer bag, they are easy & ready them in case of illness... just add 1-2 cubes to a mug of hot water and stir.


It us so much easier to just have it *ready* in case of illness.

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It may not be quite as effective but it beats trying to brew tea when you feel lousy. I freeze many herbs fresh that same way. I chop them finely enough to fit in icecube trays and cover them with water. Freeze and then pop into bags to use however. You lose some of the enzymes that way but they seem to be as flavorful and effective.


I do the same thing with both vegetable broth and meat broth and with raw eggs.


I must say that you DON'T want your freezer to go on the fritz or have the electricity off too long or you lose a lot hard work that way. Make sure the bags are strong ones just in case or double bag.


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