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Thyroid meds in an emergency or long term situation


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I am hoping someone here can help me. I have 2 members of my family who have had their thyroids removed due to cancer and are on medication from their doctors. If they couldn't get the medication is there a natural prescription they could use or would they die?


Thanks in advance for any information.

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There are herbs which can help a thyroid gland that is unhealthy, that can help to restore health. There are dietary changes one can make to improve the health of the thyroid gland.


However, I know of no herbs which could actually REPLACE the thyroid hormone that the thyroid gland produces. Once the thyroid has been removed, the patient must take a synthetic thyroid hormone for life. There are no herbs which will give the same effect as the actual HORMONE that the now entirely absent gland used to produce. Herbs can help the thyroid gland to be healthier, and therefore promote the gland's production of the hormone. Herbs cannot replace an absent, removed, thyroid gland's function, unfortunately. You cannot make a non-existent gland healthier with herbs, in other words. What the herbs do is to promote the health of an existing gland, not to replace the hormone that the non-existent gland can no longer produce.


Probably the best strategy would be to attempt to stockpile a supply of thyroid medicine that your family takes.

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Hypothyroidism is an issue of underfunctioning glands, which may be helped by herbs. The same herbal treatments that are of use for that are not helpful in dealing with a patient whose gland has been surgically removed. I clarified my earlier post, as I don't think any of that was clear. The other thread on thyroid deals with an existing gland that is not healthy, not a gland that is gone.



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You are correct Cowgirl but I believe there's either something in there about making thyroid replacements or it is in another thread on thyroid. We were talking about Armour being made from actual thyroid glands of animals (pigs I believe) and the fact that some doctors believe it is not as stable because of that but it does work....


It was one of those if the SHTF you might need to know that things. LOL


I probably should have read through the whole thread instead of relying on my memory...



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OK. I may have missed the Armour reference when I skimmed through the thread. Not sure about its storage life either, but it might be worth consideration and research if one is unable to stockpile synthetic hormone.

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Thank you for the information. My SIL had hers removed due to cancer last year but my mother had the iodine treatment but still has the gland but is on medication for life. Unfortunately we can't find a doctor or pharmacy that will let us store the medication. The prescriptions have refills but the pharmacy will only allow them to have a one month supply on hand.

.... sigh

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Maw, that is the same with us for other meds but we learned that our insurance company will allow a three month supply if we get our meds through the mail. Check with your company and see if they work with any mail places that would do this. This might require a new prescription to send off to the company.


Others have worked with pharmacies in Canada, faxed the prescription to them, paid cash. Then they take their prescription to their own pharmacy where the insurance covers it. It's expensive that way and you have to decide if this is dishonest or not, but it's a way.

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Well, I'm a little late getting to this subject, but in case anyone is watching, I'll throw in my 2 cent's worth.


I take Armour thyroid and it works beautifully for me. In fact, a pharmacists slipped me the synthetic one month without my checking and noticing it. I had taken almost the full month's supply, getting weaker by the day, before I realized it. My doctor told me that the synthetics obviously don't work for me, so why change a horse in mid-stream!!


Anyway, for the past two months, my pharmacy was out of the Armour when I went to get my prescription refilled. I had to go elsewhere. They all told me they were checking with the manufacturer daily and that there was a problem on that end. It scared me. I need my Armour daily. So I got my doctor to write me a prescription for one-year's worth. The expiration date on teh bottle from the manufacturer is November 2009, so I should be good. In the meantime, I keep getting my monthly filled at rotating pharmacy's so that I have a year's worth at all times. I also keep a check on the expiration date of the new month's supply and make a note of that on the bottle.


A year's supply of the Armour cost me $60 without going through my insurance.



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For those of you taking Armour (and even the synthetic), you may want to investigate this. It APPEARS that this may be the answer/solution for when (not if) TSHTF.


Nutri-Meds Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Tablets




They have the same ingredients and amounts as Armour AND IT DOES NOT REQUIRE A PRESCRIPTION. Apparently they get around the script by stating it is ONLY a supplement.

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