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Summer's Here

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Summer begins for me when we go swimming and fishing. Yesterday we went to the river and we caught our limit - 6 trout each.


I did dive a little but the water's thermo layer was only about 2 foot below the surface. Brrrrrr..... DH mentioned he got something big on his line, but his line broke before he could land it. Later, when we pulled the stringer up, two of the fish had bites out of them. Turtles! We'll have to keep an eye out for them next time.


That's my excitement for the week. Today I'm recovering from sun exposure, even with waterproof SPF 50.


Total fish so far this year... 20 and counting. I'm hoping to exceed last year's total of 130.


How was your day?



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I went shopping at Wal-Walmart Wal-Mart. While going down one of the wider aisles I was singing to the music over the speakers. Not loud, mostly to myself. A guy was coming toward me and I realized I looked like I was talking to myself. I said, I'm just singin". He said, "You just go right ahead, Honey. Someone has to do it!" :laughkick:


I didn't know the name of the song so I came home and looked it up. It was, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." Maybe he thought I was just making a statement.


Any day I get called "Honey" is a good day.




I stutter spelled Wal-Mart.

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How was my day? LONG...let the dishwasher do the washin' but I still need to unload it so I can run it again in the morning first thing before we leave for our camp trip. Got all of our dry foods packed up & taken to the trailer & put away, took all our clothing over, re-stocked the pantry with the 3-day emergency foods, took the case of water over as well as Dr. Pepper, Green Tea and Ensure Clear we like it with our breakfast sometimes instead of juices. FOUND our medical bag that's been hiding so it's back in the trailer again! Put Abby's BOB in the trailer. Still need to load all the cold foods, but we'll do that in the morning. I plugged the trailer in, closed the frig doors & set it to auto so it'll be cold tomorrow when we take the cold foods over. Already put the drinks etc. in to get cold. Checked the garden and just about everything is up...even the 2nd bed of corn that I planted only a week ago! The potato buckets are sprouting up about as fast as we can cover them. We'll probably go ahead and fill them to the tops in the AM and call it good. However many pounds of potatoes we get will be ok. Didn't need to water...LOL...the beds are holding plenty in them. Also emptied out all the water that's been in the pickle buckets, hopefully the smell is gone. Mountain Man worked so he cleaned out the truck at the homestead when he got off work & I played some frisbie with Abby-girl. Then he did some weed eating when we got home. Had left-over cold pasta salad with italian seasoned meatball and baked beans for supper. We alway work hard the first time we go camping because we've usually unloaded everything from the trailer. It's the same way in the late fall when we winterize and have to remove everything & give it a good cleaning inside and out. But...it's the in between that we love! LOL

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Sounds like you were very busy Philbe. Hope you have fun on your trip.


Jeepers, everyone should call you 'honey' because you are a sweetheart.


Today, we were in the 100's again. I did some sewing, re-batted the porch swing seats. Watered the yard and garden, cleaned the ferret room and then cooked. Doesn't sound like much, but it was the hand sewing that consumed most of the time.

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DD2 and her "Trip buddy" camped out Friday night so they could pratice setting up camp. It's cold and rainy and she said she wanted a ski mask when they woke up.They ate Mountain House lasagna with meat souce and the Ice Cream sandwich.

They liked th lasagna but thought the Ice Cream sandwich was weird.

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