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The fat is very rich, and so is the meat. You normally spice it more than you would beef, because of the fat level. We like it in hamburger patties with lots of dehydrated minced onions and a touch more salt and garlic than we'd use for beef. It makes GREAT meatloaf. Really, really GREAT meatloaf. I also sometimes mix it half and half with other ground meat...rabbit, which needs the flavor and fat boost, or beef, which is very similar, or venision, which can be so terribly dry on its own.



Seriously, try the meatloaf. Slice it for "burgers."


If you want to tame it, fry it into crumbles like taco meat and rinse the crumbles in coffee-hot water.


But try the meatloaf.

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DH and I love the flavor. I don't do anything special that I recall. Haven't had it a long time. But I guess it would be considered a strong flavor. We also like wild meats....gamey or not. Lived on lamb stew (meat was free) for months during a POOR time. It's all we ate.


MtRider :feedme: Yeah, ....meatloaf sounds good!

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Thank you!


DH hunts so we eat game. Since I don't have much to work with (allergies) in the lines of regular seasonings, I prefer meat that has it's own strong flavor, if that makes sense.


The lamb is organic and grass-fed and from the same farmer we buy our beef from.


If I'm feeling well this weekend, we'll try it then.

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