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Miles for November 24 - 30, 2013


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Here are some things that count for miles.


These are as you can count them, 1 mile will = one mile.


Biking, swiming, walking, and such.



These will be counted as 1 hour = one mile






:STAIRS: will be down and up 10 times = one mile


These two willl be 30 minutes = one mile


:lois: weights, jumping rope. :clothesline:



You will have to be the judge of these. We have been counting 1 hour as a mile, but, sometimes it isn't so. Therefore, I'm letting you be the judge of these. :)





Last week, November 24 - 30, I am going to say with laundry, stairs, shopping, housework, dishes, I got in 6 miles in last week. I hope to get in a few miles again this week on the bike and treadmill. :) But, the way things are going, I don't know if I will. :(



Ok, who will be NEXT2.gif ???



Who is going to join us? :) Anyone who wants to start exercising or walking or whatever, count your miles and add them up this week and post them next week when either Momo or I make the walking post. :)



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Momo, our treadmill is a Gold's Gym, and I think there is a number on it lie 570 or something like that. :) We have had it for a while.


Daylily, glad you saw this, now, if you would like to join in by walking or doing some kinds of exercises, feel free to join in. :) Would be glad to have you join us. :) That goes for anyone who wants to join. :)


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Hi Daylily, Snowmom posts each week. I think it is much easier to keep tract of a week than a whole month.



Last week, gosh I was bad. Gained 10 lbs.!!!!! I am so upset at myself. We even walked a mall in Texas. I believe the weight gain was because we spent 12 hours on the road and I didn't do my normal activities, and MIL insisted on eating out every single day! DH's got sick and I almost had to take him to the ER. Thank God MIL's prayers and his medicine worked. Instead I sat and crochet'd these slippers: http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48918 They are wonderfully warm, and MIL said they were cute. LOL


Anyway, my miles were disastrous. Maybe, 3 miles total for the week. That included packing and unpacking luggage, and laundry.


It is so nice to be home and I have only managed to loose 2 of the pounds I gained. Working on it.......

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