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Four companies control meat industry

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An interesting news interview of a book author about meat conglomerates in our country. He even interviewed the CEO's of these companies. What we think is happening with prices is only the top of the glacier. B)






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This was started 20 years or so ago. The idea was to go to one bank, only huge farms , no one with less than a 1000 cows would be considered a farm, dairies would be 10-20000 cow etc with all species.

Probably hog farmers were the first to hurt with the sharp crack down on where and how they could be kept. Tyson quickly bought out the hog market and has made inroads on the beef cattle.

They just did not expect it to take this long , they thought it would be done in a few years.


But live one of the posts previous....... this is America and we are well armed whether it is with guns, intelligence or the determination to be free.


The big banks ( think America First) have gotten in trouble and the little farmers just keep being independent.

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I remember those days...I remember the Ag dept secretary telling farmers "Go big, or go home"...thakn goodness for the independents!

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