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MERS virus outbreak raising SARS-like concern

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Um.....the picture in that link shows a Middle Eastern man [headwear] and another man both carefully wearing the surgery-type masks. Those masks are for keeping the wearers germs off the patient. They work well with larger particulates like moderate smoke and dust. But a N95, P95 or even N100 or P100 masks would work better for microscopic VIRUS.


Everyone please do research so that you are very familiar with masks, respirators, and other forms of microbe control .....do it before anything gets here and the shelves are bare. Understand that these are not reusable so plenty are needed. Learn how to put them on and what to do when taking them and other protective clothing off.


[sounds like a timely topic for a new thread....to review some of this???






SARS vials are missing....thousands of them... from a French lab..... :o



Ebola is still increasing in numbers and countries . Afraid it's going to [or already has...depending on which news source you trust] break out of the African continent.



MtRider :pray::behindsofa:

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I agree that would be a good thread. It seems they don't know how to protect themseleves over there or not know how to use them or what keeps from you getting sick . Or this isn't true and they making stuff up as they go. I also seen that too with SARS vials missing. I read in there where they calm the samples pose no risk to the public. I don't believe that either. I took a one month course with my Local Vol FIre Dept for my first responder class on how to Learn how to put gloves, mask, and Medical protective gear clothing off. that was one of many classes i had to take in order to get my EMS

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Agreed Mt. Rider. Maybe we need a name change of this forum or a new 'medical' type forum. We have the 'natural health' and 'flu' forums but so many things don't fit into either category. Many times I've had questions or an article but didn't know where to put it because it didn't fit into either forum. Just thinking out loud...


Thanks for the articles Catlady!

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It's confirmed here now. They knew it would happen sooner or later. Don't we quarantine any more!? If you have been in Saudi Ariba or any other country with these diseases... quarantine people coming back from there! Oops I forgot, discrimination. Crimony.



NEW YORK (AP) -- Health officials on Friday confirmed the first case of an American infected with a mysterious Middle East virus. The man fell ill after arriving in the U.S. about a week ago from Saudi Arabia where he is a health care worker.


The man is hospitalized in Indiana with Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is investigating the case along with Indiana health officials.


Saudi Arabia has been the center of an outbreak of MERS that began about two years ago. At least 400 people have had the respiratory illness, and more than 100 people have died. All had ties to the Middle East or to people who traveled there. Infections have been previously reported among health care workers.


MERS belongs to the coronavirus family that includes the common cold and SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which caused some 800 deaths globally in 2003.


The MERS virus has been found in camels, but officials don't know how it is spreading to humans. It can spread from person to person, but officials believe that happens only after close contact. Not all those exposed to the virus become ill.


But it appears to be unusually lethal - by some estimates, it has killed nearly a third of the people it sickened. That's a far higher percentage than seasonal flu or other routine infections. But it is not as contagious as flu, measles or other diseases. There is no vaccine or cure for MERS.


The CDC on Friday released only limited information about the U.S. case: The man flew to the United States about a week ago, with a stop in London. He landed in Chicago and took a bus to the neighboring state of Indiana. He didn't become sick until arriving in Indiana, the CDC said. Symptoms include fever, cough, breathing problems, which can lead to pneumonia and kidney failure.


CDC officials say they are sending a team to investigate the man's illness, his travel history and to track down people he may have been in close contact with.


Saudi Arabia health officials have recently reported a surge in MERS illnesses; cases have tended to increase in the spring. Experts think the uptick may party be due to more and better surveillance. Researchers at Columbia University have an additional theory - there may be more virus circulating in the spring, when camels are born.


U.S. health officials have been bracing for the arrival of one or more cases, likely among travelers. Isolated cases of MERS have been carried outside the Middle East. Previously, 163 suspected cases were tested in the U.S. but none confirmed.



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According to the CDC, he didn't go to any of the parks here.


I wonder about all the people he was "around" in between all of the flights he took. Sure, there are registers of the flight passengers themselves but what about everyone that sat next to him while he was waiting for his connecting flights? DH read somewhere that he stopped and bought at least one meal of a sandwich and drink, who knows how many people were in and around the same line??

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How easily is this spread? Thru air...respiratory..... Would masks prevent it's spread? N95 or P95.....or can it be a simple surgical mask?


Virus means much smaller microbe but carried on breath water droplets?


MtRider ....anyone know the prevention steps...since it's now in our region? :scratchhead:

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Great. It doesn't surprise me that it traveled from IN. to IL. The town in IN. is close to the IL. boarder.


Edited: cuz eye caint spel good.


Oops I meant 'border' up there.

Unless they were roomies. Then it could have been a boarder from across the border. :girlneener:

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At least one person they've been monitoring because of close contact to an infected individual has developed antibodies without getting sick. Very likely most of the people who are exposed never develop illness but will produce antibodies. When they talk about a high death rate with a new illness, it is most likely that many, many are exposed, but don't get sick enough to seek medical care. It is really misleading to say that a certain % die that 'get' the disease. They should rather say that a certain % that are sick enough to seek medical care die. That will be a smaller % overall of the sick and even smaller % of those exposed.

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Plus, it makes a huge difference if the folks who get sick have access to decent modern medical care. Even just keeping someone hydrated....on oxygen.....and such. All that usually allows most people to ride out whatever they catch. But in countries where even basic support for sick people is not available [like most of us will be post-Hooey].....so many more people succumb.


MtRider ....will a N95 be protection? Will a plain surgical mask?

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Just avoid shaking hands with anybody and be close to OCD about handwashing. Make it a habit to wash your hands before touching your face or privates, especially if you have been around anybody who might possibly be ill. Also don't eat in restaurants, at all, ever. Cheaper to buy sandwich fixings at the grocery if you are out at mealtime. Be sure to wash your hand before preparing food or eating.

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MERS: Patient With Possible Case of Illness Admitted to Alabama Hospital, Health Officials Say

The patient was admitted to East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, Ala., officials said. The patient is in isolation and undergoing respiratory tests, WSFA reports.
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