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Mix a regular cake mix with an Angel food cake mix. (Dry mix)

Then put 3 TBSPS mix in a mug

Add 2 TBSPS water, stir,

microwave on high for 1 one minute


I used cherry chip cake mix. Dh can now help himself to a little sweet snack, and I hope not to be as temped with this dessert in the house. A whole cake is too much for us and this stores well for those little emergencies!


It must be the egg in the angel food mix that makes it work so well. In any case it is fast and tasty too.


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I wonder if my folks would try this???? They don't cook with their microwave but my dad loves his sweets and my mom doesn't eat them. Hard for him to finish them before they get hard/stale/nasty. Unless we visit...cuz I have his sweet tooth!!!! :rolleyes:



MtRider ....worth a try.

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You don't need the egg. Several months ago I put a Pillsbury Sugar Free Devils Food cake mix in a small canister, and I mix 1/2 cup dry cake mix + 1/4 cup of water in a mug and microwave 1 minute. It is only 240 calories! (Unless you feel led to add a handful of chocolate chips or some icing. lol) I'm sure any flavor would be good. Now I want to try the one lovinit posted. It sounds yummy! I think I have both mixes in my pantry... :yum3:

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