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Miles for October 19 - 25, 2014


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Sorry I didn't get this in on Monday, I got busy with life and then on Tuesday, we were gone most of the day. I really am going to try to get this post made each Monday. I'm sure there will be times it won't happen, but, I will try. :)

Here are some things that count for miles.
These are as you can count them, 1 mile will = one mile.
Biking, swimming, walking, and such.
These will be counted as 1 hour = one mile

:STAIRS: will be down and up 10 times = one mile
These will be counted as 30 minutes = one mile

:lois: weights, jumping rope. :clothesline:


You will have to be the judge of these. We have been counting 1 hour as a mile, but, sometimes it isn't so. Therefore, I'm letting you be the judge of these. :)


For the week of October 19 - 25, I am saying, 44 ½ miles on the bike, 2 ¾ on the treadmill and then add 4 miles for stairs and probably 3 more miles just walking and shopping. :) Making a total of let me see, 54 miles last week. :) The reason for so many miles on the stairs is we helped our son and friend move and there were a lot of stairs.

For some reason, my leg is bothering me a lot lately, so I haven't been able to walk as much as what I had wanted to. :(


Ok, who will be NEXT2.gif ???



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Wow!!!!!! Congratulations Snowmom!!!! 54 miles is great!


Last week wasn't the best for me. We got a tainted water bottle and I did not catch it until we were throwing up, even the ferrets. The bottle had tiny floating pieces that looked like plastic and made our dispenser slimy. We bleached out the dispenser and saved the water that was left in the bottle for the water man to see. Unfortunately, I think I've ended up with a major kidney infection. I've been getting waves of dizziness, headaches and hurting. Hopefully, the doctor can get me in before Monday afternoon. :sigh: At least, they put me 'on call' if they have a cancellation, but this is winter visiter season and it is very hard to get an appointment.


I may have walked 3 miles last week. :shakinghead:

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wow 54 miles!

I don't really have much to say about doing mileage but gradually am a bit more active and definitely started walking today with intent. ok, just wanted to really report that even my next down size of pants is already two inches loose around the waist band and very baggy on upper legs :blink::puzzledsmile: . I decided to go very low carb and reintroduce myself to actual meat again and lots of greens and salad as a rule, and canned tomatoes since my son hated tomatoes growing up and I like em! Or I did. I do allow myself one single medium tortilla wrap or quesadilla, which cut at least half the carbs I would normally consume when I eat tortillas in a meal........ Been at this since June.

My overall fibro and arthritis pain is reduced almost to zilch, and it had reached some severe levels, I feel better in general and my head is so much clearer, which is why I decided to figure out how to actually get into knitting as it actually uses concepts that challenge my LD and math LD stuff.... because I could now read those mind bending instructions and begin to picture it finally.... my brain is not absolutely foggy mush anymore.

My blood sugar, regarding Type 2 Diabetes was averaging 167 when they did my A1C for a full year. I didn't like that very much.... it had risen . Complications from diabetes occur when its steadily 140 or above. I already have neuropathy , and , oh, my shoulder situation was reaally frozen shoulder, very common to diabetics. I must have had this stuff a while before anyone even bothered to take notice. My feet pain, evidently is classic neuropathy. So that has gone on about five years now I guess. ( Like when I have to walk to VA clinic 4 miles out and back and it just clobbers my feet so bad I cant use em for a few days afterward, it wasnt just normal fibro pain after all. Not that that is normal. )


but thanks to some great diabetic support groups and more experienced diabetics , some of whom who have really good doctors and endos and do read up on this stuff, I am sorting this stuff out. I am VERY LUCKY that by controlling diet it is making a huge difference. Most of the last month I have been in normal levels , yep, really. I even had to add in carbs so it would not go too low for no good reason... and the weight has been dropping. I do not have a scale at home, but pants sizes and measurements are a pretty good indicator. I decided to budget in my own test strips and now have a second monitor and split the strips in case I need one in my BOB .

Not everyone can do that, control blood sugars with just diet, some type 2's are now type 1.5, or said to become type 1 and some take a mix of meds /insulin included for type 2 as it progresses because it has to do with insulin resistance. Its not just about eating way too much pizza. While I am still responding well to diet , I want to be sure I pay attention to it.


Each of us is different too. Even coffee, plain, can affect some folks blood sugar. It depends on what I put in it , for myself though, luckily , so I can savor that morning vice, at least once , when I wake up.

I guess I sort of went paleo and add some dairy. I need all the nutrients, because I also know what it is like when you don't absorb stuff from some foods........ or supplements. it works better if i just eat a good variety of foods. Never a whole bunch of just one sort , over time or a few things.


But I have been losing weight, and not really at any extreme weight, but that is a lot of weeks since June. I am doing pretty well and I am :blink: like this since I need to buy new jeans soon in a size I have not worn in over 20 yrs! Basically about down to high school size. REALLY. I still feel flabby and well the top half is definitely different .


So, next phase is starting, time to tone up and get so I can move for longer periods consistently, that should tone things up. If I go even one more size than that........ I may even be considered 'hot' lol. Well, it may get a whistle or two, lol. I can grin and bear it.... never really thin but I do have good curves when they are not too much.


So now its at the point where a little body sculpting is in order. K, I can do that. Shirts are baggy too. :shrug:


For a long time I couldn't figure it out, what would work...... but this is what does.

I am estimating I have lost about 20+ pounds, not over 25 though, so far.


It would be nice to be able to control the blood sugar just through diet , but that may not be able to remain that way. But for now I will definitely take it. For now I don't need any vital medication for my Type 2 diabetes and I am very grateful.


I probably am sensitive to gluten, and I evidently have some absorption issues. This is what my mom died of, not her own diabetes.... because she went so long undiagnosed and her last year was completely brutal. I don't want anyone to die like that. I know things like cancer are bad , but so is rampant celiacs affects when it goes extreme. Hardly anyone has a clue. But my dad saw it all, every day. Reasonable probiotics are important too. In general, but I will be darned if I am going to drink fermented kombuchu. I prefer saurkraut over that any day of the week. She literally bled to death the last week of her life.Her doctors and teams were excellent and trying so very hard. She still always wanted to live. So, I will just work at doing things that do work better , and the weight loss just is a side affect. They just told her she only had IBS.... really??? Yea, some of us have heard about that scam. Celiacs , it's like it is in disguise or a ticking time bomb if it is left to it's own devices. Back in the Early 90s I was told the same. I have the classic skin affect on my under arms of my forearms for celiacs. My doctors just nodded when I showed them and told them about my mom. In a sense it is an allergy.......but you don't necessarily get hives with that or other classic allergic reactions that are violent enough to notice , so it creeps along for decades.


I hope I can prevent it from doing me in like that. I don't want others to suffer either. But the pain levels are an indicator or aggravating other auto immune stuff. It even is often affecting levels of aspergers and autism. Then there are those who want to say there is no such things as gluten sensitivity. REALLY????


So this is my journey for now.... I am on it! :happy0203:

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Congrats to all of us! We are mostly trying to improve our fitness and health.


54 is incredible.


I went back on low carb a few days ago. I don't know if I have lost weight but I cut my insulin by nearly half already so I'll at least save money and wear and tear on my body. I have neuropathy too, along with a long list of ailments but as long as I can live a reasonably pain free life I am glad. Poor DH is the same way. We have nearly everything ailment between us..LOL


There is a new diet around here called Body4Believers. A local preacher started it and it is basically a low carb diet with some food combining. The girls at work love it and 3 of them have lost alot of weight. My boss has lost 35 pounds in 2 months and has cut her insulin way down too. Although it is low carb they are allowed to have high protein/high fiber bread which makes it easier for them to stick on the program. One of them is eating Natures Own Double Fiber bread twice a day and still losing weight.

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TheCG, I need to go find a pic to post of that, and I can't remember how to describe it other than chicken skin , does that make any sense? It is not puffy though. on me. Still , even with chronically dry skin, it does resemble it. It isn't from stretch mark conditions, nor is it like wrinkles and there is not any redness like something irritating it.

My doctor was too lazy to order the simple lab blood draws for celiacs, but she listened and nodded as it's pretty common to genetics, so it runs in families. Maybe it just seems wise to be better safe than sorry with the impression I got from my mom's plight.


I do want to try some of the gluten free flour and xantham gum I have to make some basic bread or a pan of rolls I can freeze and thaw individually once in a while for bread.....just have not thought about it lately. I can eat a little bread once in a while, but needed to change up how often, but I want to try it soon. I did get an awesome looking gluten free cookbook, maybe its the basic baking but it takes time for me to stock all the stuff , so it's all there to grab, lol... but I think I have enough for that one basic bread already. My kitchen is very inconvenient too and slowly I am sorting stuff out to define the space better, and hope to make it easier to can and bake a bit better more often. I have been managing simple stuff though. But I have avoided anything that takes too much or more room for quite a while. Had other concerns too, so just didn't even think about it for a while. I also refuse to pay 7 bucks for a tiny loaf of gosh knows what because it claims to be gluten free at my local store, but they do carry some items now for gluten free. Since I am doing strict carb counts right now, I just am not bothering, but maybe soon I will.


Sounds good and safe , Momo! Go for it! Sounds like you have a great net of support there and it is giving people results.

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