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Jeepers I am sorry... these new machines take some learning.

Mine was a learning curve 6 years ago. I hope I never have to get a new one...


Back when.......the man over the way got one..this was maybe 8-10 years ago

when they were just experimenting with the things.... anyway he pushed the "stop "

pedal only it was the go and away he went unable to stop ! His wife got in the

car and flew to the neighbor who went to help. By that time he had crashed

into the wall and was knocked off the rider.


Not fair what they figure out for us older people...

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Y'all sound like me trying to remember how each of the store's disability scooters work. EVERYONE keeps stepping right into the path of those scooters too! Good thing MS doesn't slow my reflexive motions!!!! :o


MtRider ....glad you didn't mow the living room, Hot Rod! :008Laughing:

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I've never used a riding mower. MrWE2 has and it's just fine with me to let him do it! LOL

Forgot...we don't use riders at all. The Cadet belongs to little brother and he's letting son use it to mow the homestead house as part of his rent etc. We use self-propelled here and at the Roost...got the Roost done today. At the Roost I mow Abby-girl's yard and MrWE2 mows the front and back. Here, MrWE2 mows it all...he's a good fella!

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Hot Rod :busted:


I was sort of surprised I remembered how to start it and get it going. It's complicated. Of course little did I know that starting the blasted thing was not gonna be my problem of the day. There are 2 pedals on it. One is to go and not go. The other is like a clutch for shifting but not like a clutch on a car. This is an automatic so I only need the 'clutch' when I want to shift it to go forward or backward or release the brake.

Sigh. I need a little more practice stopping...outside. In the back yard. :cheeky-smiley-067:

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