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Desert Rain

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Yes, it is raining, with thunder and lightening, off and on.




It smells so wonderful.



I had a 'ToDo' list of outside things to do, now I have a valid reason to procrastinate. :lol: Which means, I will work on things in the house today.



What are you doing today?

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Trying to make a decision. It seems the older I get, the harder it is to make even simple choices.


I can not decide if I want to hire my grass cut or buy a riding lawn mower. So...I'm waiting for the guys to come across the street to mow my neighbors yard and see if they want to do my yard this summer. If not I'll go get a mower and do it myself. I have been going back and forth on this issue for 3 weeks. Neither choice is that important or right or wrong. I'm just gonna let God choose.


It's crazy.

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Heavy rain, now cloudy with more rain possible, invasion of mosquitoes, inside the best way of protection

from the elements and blood suckers. Sewing is getting my attention.


Nothing smells so good as a fresh rain...........


Jeepers.. rather depends on how large your yard is and what kind of rider you have in mind. If it is rough

can you stand the jouncing? A zero turn will require you to hold the levers at all times as they are your

speed, brake and steering.Will it bother you to keep your arms at one position? Any riding mower will start

at $895 and work up to several $1000. Here for my 2 acres it will cost about $65 weekly/per time but weed

eating is including in that.


I mow for several hours to get mine all done and it is getting harder for me to do all in one stretch of course

this last time, it was after a grueling farm sitting job and maybe I was more tired than usual. Just some things

to think about.

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I talked to the mower guys. They charge $40.00 to just mow and no weed eating or clean up. And that didn't include my fenced in area where you can't get a tractor in because someone (ex) made the gate too narrow. Sooooo, I bought a tractor today. For what they charge, I can have the mower almost paid for in 2 years. Cheapest John Deere I found was at Lowes for $1,499.00. Same one at Home Depot was $200.00 more. Plus I signed up for a Lowes charge card and got 5% off. I didn't really want one but I have a lot of home improvement stuff to buy so I'll take the 5% off and just pay the card off every month...that's the plan. If anything happens to it, they pick up and deliver it back for free for 4 years. I usually don't buy the warrantee thing but if it does break down, I wouldn't have a clue what to do or how to get it in the repair shop. Major issue now is they can't deliver it until Monday and, thanks to all of the rain we've had, my grass is above my ankles. Way above.


I used to have a riding lawn mower but when it finally broke down son came to mow it with the regular push type mower. Since he is in Indiana now I'm kinda stuck. It did hurt my back a little but I'll only have to use it once a week or every 8-9 days. I have a little more than half an acre to mow. I got one with a steering wheel. I'd end up on Youtube if I tried to operate one of those zero turn jobs. I'm sure I'll be out there popping the clutch on this one as it is!

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I got a Cub 5-6 years ago with manual gears, then found out I could not shift it..did not have enough

strength in my arm. So we took it back and got the one with, I think it is called hydraulic ?, but that

may not be the right name. Anyway it has a big pedal to push for forward and a small one for reverse

..very easy to operate.


Have fun with your new servant!

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Power Take Off.....from which you can hook up other implements to the drive. Something you never ever ever want to get a pant leg caught in.


.....at least that's what a PTO is from my Iowa farm experience.


MtRider :blink:

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I may have to buy a new rider myself. I went out today and mine refused to start. I've got my money's worth out of it simce it is about 22 years old. I just hate spending that much money. But after mowing with the push mower it will be worth it...my back & shoulders agree.






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I really didn't want to spend the money for one either, but I didn't have much of a choice. I suppose I could have bought a used one but if something went wrong I'd just be stuck again. At least now I have 4 years to not worry about it. Hopefully. I figure if I stay here I'll use it, and if I move I'll either take it with me or sell it with the house.


Hope I don't end up on Youtube too!!! I SHOULD be okay on it. The last one I had I rammed into my mail box and it's still tilted to the west. I felt like everyone was watching and snickering.


I don't know about a PTO but you can attach a snow blade or a snow thrower.


My dad called and asked what kind I got and I told him a John Deere and he blew a sigh of relief. He said he used to have a Cub Cadet and it was the worse mower he ever had and everyone he ever knew had problems with them too. I thought about a Troy-Bilt but didn't know enough about them. And ahem...nothing runs like a Deere. LOL

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Glad you got some rain. I think that hurricane is going to come up NE through Baja off the Pacific and you should get some more, hope Central TX doesn't though, what a mess TX and OK have been.

Jeepers, glad you got the riding lawn mower. :)

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Lowes just now called. It seems "MY" mower has a flat-ish tire on it and now they don't think they can deliver it tomorrow. I told him that was not okay because my grass is up to my (rhymes with gr-ass) and I need a mower tomorrow as promised. He said he'd talk to his manager. About what??? Bring me my mower...switch tires with another Deere. He says I might need an upgrade to get one here. Fine with me if they are paying for it.They told me yesterday they had 3 in stock. I'm not falling for the old 'bait and switch' though. They had better get me a mower here tomorrow. I don't care if it is raining. I can at least have one sitting in my garage so the neighbors can see I'm trying to take care of the situation. More stress...just more stress.

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(((Jeepers))) Hope it is delivered as promised.


I need to run the mower over my front yard again. The mower L & CC got me isn't fancy, but it does the job and I am forever grateful to them for it.


The rain we got made everything grow. The weather forecaster said it was the first time we have ever gotten rain on June 5th. We shall see if the other hurricane brings us any moisture.


$40. is what the local gardeners charge me for my front yard only. I can not justify that much for such a small area.


Sunny and only 100 today.


We are taking care of a friends animals this weekend. 2 cows and 45 chickens. Ok.... what do I do with 2 dozen eggs a day??!!!


Can I freeze scrambled eggs?


Or, can I dehydrate scrambled eggs? If so, how long would they last?

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Dh mentioned there is getting to be an egg shortage due to the bird flu thing in the mid west. Don't dehydrate. Freeze the scrambled eggs raw in convenient sizes. I think you're supposed to add a bit of salt too. Or sugar if you'd use them in a sweet dish. Can't remember why. But they do keep very very long time [6 months easy] in the shell in the fridge....iffen ya got room for that many.


We're gonna catch some moisture tomorrow from the hurricane system that just left you, Annarchy. But then, we've had so much rain this year, we don't notice now. Better than the usual wildfire alerts that begin about now!!!!


ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES? Your summer extremes....our winter extremes. Both really run up the energy bills! :knary:



MtRider .....60's today. :cele:

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We have a Cadet tractor-type at the Homestead and tenant upstairs uses it to mow and keep the premises neat...in return for him having two dogs. The Cadet is several years old (like 10+) and about all it's ever needed was a battery and new tires. It's been mowing the 3/4 acre for a long, long time so we don't gripe :-) Perhaps mowers are like a lot of other equipment...they need regular maintenance. Too many people just hop on and off they go, and some at breakneck speeds. Running over everything. We always walk our lawns and pick up brush etc., before we mow.

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The caaaallled. It seems they put a small scratch on the mowing deck when they loaded it on the truck. I can either wait next week for the delivery of a new one or accept this one. If I take this one today, they will give me another %15 off. I told him I'd take it for the %15 off if they would wave the delivery fee. He said sure. He figured it would save me about $400.00 with taxes and all. Heck yeah I'll take it with a little scratch on the mowing deck. I figure I'll go to the John Deere place or online and get a dab of touchup paint. Maybe some rubbing compound and buff it out. :shrug:

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Check that baby over good!! What did they do to it to scratch it ?....did they air up the tire or put a new one on?

Hope you have someone knowledgeable about it to check it when they bring it. If there is anything wrong call JD

direct and report it. You are buying a new mower and they have been giving you a run-around.

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Woo-Hoo! I finally got the grass cut. It doesn't take much to make me happy. City and neighbors should be happy too. :rolleyes:


I checked it out and they did put a new tire on it and the scratch is very small. It looks like someone just dropped a tool on it. It's scratched but not dented. Some of it is even on the warning label. Way worth over $400.00 plus $70.00 delivery. I am going to get some Deere yellow paint though because I don't want it to rust.The two guys that brought it were great. They showed me all about it and waited until I mowed a little to make sure I could do it right. Then they turned it off and made me do it again.They also left a DVD for a refresher course. I've already forgotten most of it.


I still have to do the back part of the yard but I have to get rid of some fallen branches first. Thankfully the rain held off. Almost a miracle because the sky has been various shades of black all day.


Edited for spelling.

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:woohoo: Jeepers. Good for those guys to do a GOOD job of orienting you to the new machine!


Speaking of new machine....heavens! My laptop is grinding gears and making all sorts of atrocious noises. Gonna up and die on me one of these days. Applying ice....lost fan the first year I owned it. Have always used gel ice packs to keep it cool. Rather sounds like the fan is trying [badly] to come back to life. I've NEVER heard a computer sound like this.


MtRider :unsure: Yikes....gonna blow........ :runcirclsmiley2:

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I mowed a second time today. It was really too wet but it had to be done. All went well until I had to park it in the garage. I'm used to there being a brake pedal. With this, you just take your foot off of the gas to stop it. Oops. It's a very good thing there is a step up at my garage wall! For an instant I forgot how to stop the mower. End of the story is I took out my Faraday cage that I worked so hard on. It's smashed beyond repair but luckily it was empty. Also the recycle bin is demolished. Darn things cost $10.00 too. And to think I was a little concerned about a scratch on the deck when I bought it. I don't know if I scratched it or not. I just wanted to get the garage door down and in the house quickly. I'll check before I go to get my John Deere yellow paint to see if I also need some John Deere green paint. Might as go ahead and just buy a can of each. Hey...the good news is the step stopped me from mowing the family room! :curtsey:

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