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It's been way too long...


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This morning checking my emails I saw a notice from MrsS at a moment when I could come and check in and say hello. I'm officially passing out hugs to old friends and saying hello to new ones.


Life is busy and seems to accelerate as the kids get older. They've grown up so much. Two oldest are engaged and married. The youngest is 12!!


I'm enjoying my writing and blogging and now freelance article writer which gives me the opportunity to promote adoption and that is dear to my heart.


How is everyone? How does this fabulous Friday morning find you? It finds me a bit tired after a very active week. I'm ready for a lovely weekend. #restrequired

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Hey, Stephanie! Just waiting for son to come move me to Nebraska in the Fall. I am working on my writing, Need to edit first book and working on second one already, many sequels in the future as it is a generational story. Multi genre though, so not post-able on Fireside.

( I always did color outside the lines).


here is a pic of my grandson, he is almost 14 months now and going well on his own two feet now. He will be getting a brother or sister next March, we hope.

Please do not repost online, but this is special edition so you can see, I can only post on FB pm's otherwise.



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Married? Engaged? I know those two? Best wishes and prayers to them!!! :happy0203:


Seems like the last gathering was decades ago!

Koa is now four years old so ....it's only been that long. Still have Aslan?


MtRider :wave:

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Ambergris, the one in the striped shirt with his arm around his dad's shoulders and his little wife in the orange next to him. He's not my oldest, second to the oldest. 😊 My oldest is engaged. He's in the cabby hat.

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