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Menopause Rhapsody


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I've been seeing that in my YT suggestions for over a week now. I've had it selected but never got around to actually watching it. It was pretty funny. 

I really like the way that they ended up looking so tired and haggared after that wild mid-sequence hair tossing section.  :24:

And, yes ......................................... No more "Aunt Flo!"   :thumbs: :thumbs::thumbs:

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I laughed out loud...and promptly sent the link to my older sister....

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Ugh MT3B. That happened to a cousin of mine. She was in her later 20's. :(


I had to have an internal ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys a couple of years ago. One of my ovaries had shrunk to invisible status. The other one was in there smiling like the 'Little Engine That Could' sending out one hot flash after another. I'm pretty sure I saw steam billowing out of his smokestack. Puff, puff, puff...blow. I think I even heard a little train whistle in there. I could be mistaken on that one. Might have been gas.


Every time G-son mentions 'Thomas The Tank' I get a little triggered and have to reach for the fan.  PTSD....I haz em.

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