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So, I was dehydrating some frozen veggies about 2 weeks ago, I got really ill and forgot all about it. My kids turned my dehydrator off, they checked the food and said they were good. But they have been in there ever since. 

Thoughts on the food being good? They were dehydrated but when I checked them today they felt a little...bendy. They have been in the dehydrator and in an air conditioned house. So is it safe to put them back on again or are they ruined?


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Hi, Kimba.  I am not a food safety expert so this is just what I would consider doing with them.  If the vegetables do not appear spoiled it would probably be similar to not storing them in air tight containers.  People have been air drying vegetables for centuries and leaving them to hang from rafters.  The old fashioned Dutchmen Britches are just green beans strung on a cord or thread and hung up to dry.  All manner of fruits and vegetables have been and still are air dried on racks or even sheets in a warm airy place. If we have a grid down situation that is how we will have to dehydrate foods.  

You could likely use them soon the way they are or consider re-drying them but then when you store them keep a check on them for smell or mold.  Whichever use them as soon as possible instead of trying to keep them long term.  

Perhaps another member will have some suggestions that might help as well. 

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I have turned off my DH and left the trays in there for a day or two for a variety of reasons. When I "remember" there is product in there I empty the trays into a glass container and put the lid on, BUT, I don not put it directly into the pantry. There is a process called "conditioning" that you should go through before putting the jar on the shelf. Every day, for 5-7 days, you should shake the jar, turn it over, or tumble it. You are looking to see if any of the contents are sticking to each other, to the sides  of the container, or to the bottom. If they are, put the food back into the DH for a few hours and condition again.


There is a FB group called Dehydrating Tips & Tricks (https://www.facebook.com/groups/dehydratingtipsandtricks) run by Darci Baldwin of the PurposefulPantry.com that has helped me tremendously with what to do, how to do it, and how to troubleshoot possible problems.

She also has a YT channel:  https://www.youtube.com/c/ThePurposefulPantry

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